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Kitten travels nearly 600 miles under pickup hood

This story is so much better than when my husband told me last week, "The mice keep building nests in here," while we were in our car, hurtling down an interstate highway at 70 mph and I had no choice but to stay inside the vehicle. If you think that kittens > lots and lots of swarming mice, then you're in for a treat!

After he stopping at a gas station in Virginia, Lance Gallimore discovered a tiny kitten under the hood of his pickup truck. Gallimore realized it was the same kitten he had seen at his home in Fort Drum, New York, meaning that the kitten had traveled inside the engine across four states - over 600 miles.

“He was just sitting down here around the air box area, just on top of the master cylinder, near the brake reservoir,” said Gallimore. “Me and her wrestled for a minute, but then we were able to get her into a cardboard box, and we brought her here to the emergency vet.”

The kitten was dehydrated and had a few scratches but was overly fine. It was adopted by one of Gallimore's relatives. 


I feel so bad for that kitten!!!!!!! Did you KEEP the kitten

you asked a question that was clearly answered in the last sentence of the story.......

great story

Happy the Kitten made it safely. Cats do silly things I am sure it was just trying to stay warm before it went for a ride.

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