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Malachi A. Jackson, 38, killed in head-on collision with commercial truck on State Road 128 near Jal, New Mexico

Modified Date: 
Wed, 03/14/2018 - 5:55pm
Accident Date: 
Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Texas man killed in head-on crash in New Mexico

For reasons unknown, the Ford crossed the center line and began driving the wrong way in the west bound lane. The Ford collided head on with a 2014 Volvo semi-truck.

Type: Car Accident
People Involved: 
Malachi A. Jackson
State Road 128
Jal, NM


The gentleman killed, Malachi Jackson; was a good friend and co-worker of mine and I'd like to say a few things about him as a devoted Son, Father, brother and friend to many... After working 15+hours a day, everyday, he was forced to leave location under the threat of being run-off and replaced over having a few shells of ammunition in his vehicle!  Now I'm not going to comment on the Oil/gas operator that initiated the threat but the fact that we work such grueling hours everyday just goes to show how tired a person is after working like this for months on end with no time off.  The fact is most of us in this industry CANNOT AFFORD to take time off due to the losers in the past that filed the "overtime lawsuit" so now we are all hourly workers.  THOSE f-tards are the real blame for this man's death!  In the end, he wasn't drinking, he wasn't drugging; he was told to leave location because of a few rounds of ammunition and instead of just warning him of the ammo in his vehicle and making him throw it away, the safety man instructed him to remove the ammo from location and this particular individual and oil/gas operator should be held accountable for his death!  Look what you idiots cost us! Over some stupid ammo?  Are you f**king serious!?  You know who you are and you should be ashamed of yourselves and I would HATE to be in your shoes b/c I'd feel completely responsible FOR THE REMAINDER OF MY LIFE! 

Thank you for letting us know what happen.  This is Jenn... the one he was always on the phone with.  He had to have been over worked and falling asleep for this to have happened.  Why didn't they just have him throw it away!  WTF... I can't understand.  And now this wonderful man is gone.  I'm just at a loss.

I totally agree Jenn. Fantastic Father,Son,Brother,Friend but most importantly an Honorable Man of God! I pray for Truth and accountability for whoever is responsible for Malachi Jackson's death. This is such a horrible loss. Prayers for JJ and his daughter as well as All of us who knew, loved and admired hm! RIP Malachi and hug Kyle for me! I love you you were like a son to us!

I work for the same company. I lost my best friend and my brother. We talked about him having to leave to dispose of the ammo. I told him to standfast. Nobody from either companies have called my mom or me. The greatest father, brother, and friend is gone. I tried to get the numbers for the guys on location. I still have no info. Anyone who had the pleasure of meeting my brother or me know we practice love for everyone. I lost a piece of my soul. We woke each other up every morning and talked throughout the day. Everyday. My mentor. Now my niece and my kids and my family won't get to see the amazing person God blessed us with. Malachi Jackson I know you will guide me and my family and friends will guide our family through this. He has been by my side since I was born. My bestfriend, brother, and hero. I love you brother.

i worked with Malachi since Dec on this rig.  He was an honorable man.  I actually went to the site of the collision this morning it’s anout 15 miles from the rig to pay my respects and have a moment of pray for his family.   It didn’t matter who you were or where you were from he made you feel welcome.  We shared some good times out here on this rig and he is and will be missed by many.    If there is anything I can do or questions I can help answer please don’t not hesitate to call me.  210-608-1793.    May God watch over you all and help bring comfort and peace to all of us that were affected by this horrible tragedy.   

This is such a tragic accident, and I still cant believe he is gone. I keep replaying that night in my head. Thinking maybe if i had just stayed on the phone with him a little longer he might still be here. I was talking to him while he was in town and even after all the bs from the search and seize he still pushed thru(as he always found a way to smile thru any situation). He was gonna text me to let me know he made it back safely, that text I will never receive. A great man/father gone way to soon all because of some search and seize bs. He is gonna be missed like crazy.

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