June Ann Blocker 52, arrested for DUI, after driving her car into a Kroger store, injuring two people in Hardin County.

Accident Date: 
Tuesday, February 4, 2014
Modified Date: 
Wed, 09/24/2014 - 11:21am
It was a wild scene Wednesday afternoon in Elizabethtown after police said a woman rammed her car right into the front entrance of a busy Kroger store, injuring two people, and has quite a history with grocery stores and crashes.

It was a wild scene Wednesday afternoon in Elizabethtown after police said a woman rammed her car right into the front entrance of a busy Kroger store, injuring two people, and has quite a history with grocery stores and crashes.

Wednesday evening the clean-up was still going on at the Kroger store on Dolphin Drive after police said 52-year-old June Ann Blocker drove her car into a checkout lane. The two people who were hurt escaped without serious injuries. Officers said Blocker bought a 2006 four-door Lincoln earlier in the day for the sole purpose of crashing it into the store.

A family friend rushed to the store after hearing the news. "I don't know why this happened, but I was concerned to see that June was not hurt or that anyone else was injured."

Police said Blocker was charged more than a decade ago with doing the exact same thing at another Elizabethtown Kroger.

Following Wednesday's incident she is facing charges of DUI, assault, criminal mischief and wanton endangerment charges has a lengthy criminal history. Friends of Blocker said the two Kroger drive-thru store attacks go back to a long running vendetta she has with the company as a former employee.

A friend said, "I knew of the incidents, but that did not change my feelings about June, she's a wonderful person and I wish the very best for her."

Kroger officials said they are working with Elizabethtown police on the investigation and right now they're just concerned about their employees and their customers.

Kroger isn't the only chain where Blocker has been blocked from entry. A court order demanded she stay away from all Hardin County Walmart stores and take her medication. Friends said that happened after Blocker attempted to hit an employee with a baseball bat.

People Involved: 
June Ann Blocker
Dolphin Drive

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