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Aircraft Accident

Aircraft Safety - Flying is safer but accidents still happen

While rare compared to other types of motor-vehicle crashes, aircraft accidents do happen regularly, often with devastating results. Despite significant safety improvements over the past decades, many people each year experience the pain of losing someone in an airplane crash.

The good news is that aircraft safety has improved from better aircraft design, engineering and maintenance, the evolution of navigation aids, and better safety protocols and procedures. It is often reported that air travel is the safest in terms of deaths per passenger mile. The National Transportation Safety Board reported that in 2006 there were 1.3 deaths per hundred million vehicle miles for travel by car, and 1.7 deaths per hundred million vehicle miles for travel by air.

What are common causes of aircraft crashes?

The most common aviation safety hazards are:

  • foreign object debris;
  • missing or misleading information to the pilot;
  • lightening;
  • ice and snow;
  • engine and structural failures;
  • stalling;
  • fire.

Small-plane crashes - safety rates are not improving

Here at Accident Data Center we report daily about crashes involving small planes. While safety statistics for large commercial planes have been improving steadily for decades, the accident rate in personal flights has increased by 20% in the past decade, and the fatality rate for personal flights is up 25%.

Of course, In raw numbers, the deadliest transportation for Americans is the family car. Each year, more than 30,000 people die in traffic accidents, compared to the 400 or so who are killed in general aviation accidents.

Why private planes crash

The majority of general aviation accidents are caused by pilot error, according to NTSB statistics. Compared to commercial flights, private aircraft lack safety features, co-pilots, backup systems for navigation information, and extra engines. 

What should you do if a loved one is injured or killed in a plane crash?

After an aircraft crash injures or kills someone, it is important to get help immediately to gain access to information, to learn about the investigation, and find out what you need to do to help the victims or their loved ones left behind. Finding an experienced aviation crash attorney is essential.

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Is Airplane Turbulence Dangerous?

Turbulence is one of those things that can take a simple air flight and turn it into an unforgettable experience. But how dangerous is it, really? Does turbulence mean the plane has a potential to crash? 

Worker on Alaska Airlines Flight ‘Knowingly Violated’ Policy With Nap

A contract worker who fell asleep Monday in the cargo hold of a departing Alaska Airlines jetliner “knowingly violated” the policies and procedures of his employer, Menzies Aviation, the company said Tuesday. Menzies, a global provider of airline handling, said the worker “hid in the hold of an aircraft to take a nap,” forcing the plane the turn around and make an emergency landing. The matter remains under internal investigation, the company added.

Aviation Safety Network

Providing everyone with a (professional) interest in aviation with up-to-date, complete and reliable authoritative information on airliner accidents and safety issues. The Aviation Safety Network is a private, independent initiative founded in 1996. On line since January 1996, the Aviation Safety Network covers accidents and safety issues with regards to airliners, military transport planes and corporate jets. The ASN Safety Database contains detailed descriptions of over 10,700 incidents, hijackings and accidents.