Bicycle Accident

Bicycling, as both a mode of transportation and of recreation, is on the rise across the country. But with this growing popularity comes a growing number of injuries and deaths due to bicycle accidents.

Recent data that illustrates the danger includes:

Statistics on the age, gender, and location of bicycle crashes are enlightening as well:

  • In 2012 the average age of bicyclists killed in accident with vehicles was 43 years old.
  • 88% of people killed in bicycle crashes were male.
  • 69% of fatal bike crashes occurred in urban areas; 30% occurred between 4-8 p.m.
  • 24% of bicyclists killed in crashes had Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of .08 g/dL or higher.

When a bicycle crash results in injury, the data illustrates clearly that collisions with vehicles is the greatest danger to bicyclists:

  • In 2012, nearly one third of injury bicycle crashes happen in a collision with a motor vehicle;
  • 17% of injuries occurred when the bicyclist fell;
  • 13% happened in a bike crash caused by uneven or unrepaired roadways;
  • 13% were due to rider error or inattention.

When someone is injured or killed in a bicycle crash, very often there is a dispute over the cause and circumstances around the collision. It is crucial to gather as much evidence from the crash scene and witnesses, to ensure that an accident claim will be successful to help the injured person recover both physically and financially from the costs of medical bills and missed work. When a crash is fatal, this information is equally important for a wrongful death claim. In most circumstances, it is crucial to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney to learn more about your rights and options.

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Be careful when transporting fragile goods: wear a bicycle helmet

While helmet usage is not mandated in every city, if you ride your bicycle, you should wear one every time. Aside from concussions that can cause the brain to swell and/or fluid to collect leading to brain damage, the descriptions of what happens when a brain is impacted are quite gruesome. An extremely violent rotation of the head, where the brain remains stationary, can tear up blood vessels and nerves fueling this precious organ. That is one possible consequence of a bicycle accident. Click to learn more about  bicycle helmet use

The Houston region is popular with bicyclists but experiences a growing number of accidents

Bicycling is becoming more popular in the Houston region. Organizations such as BikeHouston and PedalHouston provide information and resources to local bikers or tourists in the area offering services like bike maps and free workshops for bicycle repair.

The Sacramento region is popular with bicyclists but experiences a growing number of accidents

Bicycling is becoming more popular in the Sacramento region. Organizations such as Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates have countless resources such as bike friendly businesses, bicycle maps of the Sacramento region and a calendar of upcoming events.

The Lexington region is popular with bicyclists but experiences a growing number of accidents

Bicycling is becoming more popular in the Lexington region. Resources and groups such as Bike/Walk Lexington and Bike Lexington's Facebook page provide information and community to riders throughout the city. For mountain bikers or those looking to get out of the city, Map My Ride offers dozens of ride ideas in the region.

Bicycle crashes are all too frequent in the Tampa Bay area

In 2013 Florida saw nearly 7,000 bicycle crashes, many being in the Tampa area

Bicycle safety is a big issue in Tampa, but many safety resources are available such as: Tampa Bay Cycle safety advice, the city of Tampa's bicycle safety page, and Florida Bicycle law which offers answers to many questions about the legalities of bicycle transportation and safety concerns.

Detroit, MI

How car door collisions can seriously injure bicyclists

One common type of bicycle accident that can cause severe injuries is often referred to as “dooring.” This type of accident happens when a motorist suddenly opens a car door without watching and a bicyclist cannot stop before crashing into the car door. Michigan law prohibits a driver from opening their car door into the flow of traffic, which includes bicycles. To learn more about bicycle collisions caused by “dooring,” go here.