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While every accident is different, all accidents have something in common

Here at Accident Data Center, we read every day about accidents nationwide. We learn about where and how they happen, about the factors that contribute to them, and about the people who are involved. Despite their differences, all serious accidents have one thing in common - they tear people's lives apart in an instant. 

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Tips for motorists on sharing the road with bicyclists

As bicycling gains in popularity, also on the rise is the likelihood of a crash with a car, truck, or other vehicle – and, so often, these crashes result in serious injury or death to the cyclist involved. According to the NHTSA, while overall passenger vehicle deaths decreased in 2012, bicyclist fatalities increased. Bicyclists injured in accidents with a vehicle also rose during this time. In sharing the road with bicyclists, motorists can do a few simple things to make everyone's journey safer. 


While economic threats are unpleasant, the biggest threats caused by the shortage of drivers are on the road. American truck drivers are overworked, and because of the economic pressures involved, not even federal laws have been able to stop this. When truck drivers work too many hours or don’t take long enough breaks, they become fatigued. Tired driving is dangerous because a fatigued truck operator can react as slowly as one who has been drinking. Read more here about this dangerous situation...