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Accident Data Center focuses on providing information and resources for people who have been injured, and for the families of those killed, to make decisions and get help. While the majority of accidents we report on are car crashes, we also see all other types of accidents including bicycle, pedestrian, boating, commercial trucking, aircraft, and motorcycle accidents.

While it is true that car collisions are by far the most frequent type of accident, here is recent data (2013) that illustrates the relative frequency of other kinds of crashes:

  • Pedestrian fatalities were 13 per day, and pedestrian injuries were 181, resulting in an annual total of 4,735 fatalities and 66,000 injuries;
  • Annual motorcycle fatalities were 4,668, and motorcycle injuries were 88,000;
  • 41% of motorcycle fatalities for the year involved unhelmeted riders;
  • Commercial trucking accidents resulted in 3,964 fatalities and 95,000 injuries;
  • Bicycle crashes resulted in 743 fatalities and 48,000 injuries for the year.

While there have been great improvements made in overall safety statistics over the years, it is our wish that these accident numbers are brought down to zero. Until then, Accident Data Center will strive to provide up-to-date information, resources, and support for all those involved in accidents.


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This was a wrongful death case resulting from a motorcycle versus truck collision, on Highway 33, on April 13, 1981, when the motorcycle driver, who was 42 years old at the time, was killed, when struck by the Defendant’s truck in the motorcycle’s lane of traffic. Plaintiffs were the surviving spouse, Paulette, age 38 at the time of the collision, decedent’s son, Christopher Butcher, age 16 at the time of his father’s death, and Terri Butcher Thomas, daughter of decedent, age 17 at the time of the accident.