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While every accident is different, all accidents have something in common

Here at Accident Data Center, we read every day about accidents nationwide. We learn about where and how they happen, about the factors that contribute to them, and about the people who are involved. Despite their differences, all serious accidents have one thing in common - they tear people's lives apart in an instant. 

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Phoenix, AZ

Bike Safety in Tempe

Thanks to their efforts, bicyclists can use the BikeMaps app to report collisions and near misses, road hazards and bicycle thefts to the rest of the bicycling community. While there are an increased number of people who ride religiously, many often don’t feel safe in some riding situations. 

Charleston, SC

Fatal Bus Crash Raises Legal Questions

Bus drivers, taxi drivers, Uber drivers, truck drivers, and other commercial operators have a higher duty of care in South Carolina because they are common carriers. Most motorists must use reasonable care when on the road, which essentially means that they must do their best to avoid car crashes. But common carriers have a duty of “best choice care,” which basically means that the safety of cargo and passengers overrides any other concerns they may have.