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While every accident is different, all accidents have something in common

Here at Accident Data Center, we read every day about accidents nationwide. We learn about where and how they happen, about the factors that contribute to them, and about the people who are involved. Despite their differences, all serious accidents have one thing in common - they tear people's lives apart in an instant. 

After a serious crash, people need information, support, and good advice

All survivors of a serious crash face a long recovery process as they deal with injuries, medical appointments and treatments, disability and lost income from missed work, damaged vehicles, and other issues. Their lives, and those of their family members, are disrupted. When an accident is fatal, grieving families are left to deal with the aftermath.

One of the most difficult issues is dealing with insurance companies

Soon after any accident, insurance adjusters start calling, asking for statements about the crash, gathering information, and pressuring an injured person to settle the claim. The process can be confusing and stressful. It is common for an adjuster to offer a settlement even before an injured person has fully recovered, often for an amount significantly less than the claim's full worth. The pressure to settle early can be intense, and injured people often don't understand that if they agree to a settlement and cash the check, they can NEVER open the claim again. 

It is crucial to get legal advice before signing any settlement documents

For any serious accident involving injuries, or for any fatal crash, people have access to legal advice that will protect their interests, and preserve any potential claim that will aid in financial recovery. Since injury attorneys focus on handling insurance claims, they are experts at managing the entire process. They know how to determine the full value of a claim, they know how to document that in a compelling way, and they know how to communicate and negotiate with an insurance adjuster.

It costs nothing up front to work with an injury attorney

Since they work on a contingency-fee basis, there is no up-front cost; they only get paid at the end of the case out of the settlement or verdict funds. Therefore, there is no risk or downside to talking to an experienced attorney to get the help needed and maintain the rights of the injured. 

Accident Data Center focuses on providing information and resources for people who have been injured, and for the families of those killed, to make decisions and get help. Request a no-cost claim evaluation to learn more about a potential claim and get help from an experienced attorney. Accident Data Center partners with attorneys across the nation who focus solely on working with accident victims and insurance companies to manage injury claims. 



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