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Distracted Driving

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Mobile, AL-Pensacola, FL

Alabama man convicted of state’s first texting-while-driving manslaughter case

Sometimes people are involved in automobile accidents and the use of a cell phone is a cause or a factor in the accident. If you have been in an automobile accident and you believe that the other driver was using a cell phone when the accident occurred, you should take the following steps...

Harlingen-Weslaco-Brownsville-McAllen, TX

Are You Guilty of this Common (yet Dangerous) Habit While Driving?

We often think of the inside of our cars as our own personal space and forget that there are many surrounding factors like other drivers nearby. In our personal space we often like to feel comfortable by singing a song or quoting a movie character among other things. Therefore, immediately when we enter the car and start singing or doing other things it’s ok. The real problem begins when we start the car and begin driving.

Laredo, TX

Why You Should Be Concerned About Rubbernecking and Other Forms of Distracted Driving

Rubbernecking is something different than that though. Rubbernecking involves a conscious decision to stare at something outside of your car, rather than paying attention to the road. Typically, this behavior involves staring at a vehicular accident. In many instances, drivers will slow down and even bring traffic to a standstill as they try to satisfy their curiosity and get a better look at the aftermath of a collision. Go here to learn why this is a social and safety issue.