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Helmet Usage

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Everett-Bellingham WA

Statistics on bicycle crashes show the importance of wearing this... this one little accessory!

No drum roll needed, folks. It's obvious that you should wear a helmet every time you get on your bicycle. Even if it's not the law, which is the case in Washington as well as many cities like Bellingham. Read up on recent crash statistics and a guide to buy the right helmet here. 

Everett-Bellingham WA

Even mild concussions can cause serious problems

Anytime a skull comes into contact with something hard and fast - a helmet, a windshield, a road surface - there's an immediate danger of the brain getting temporarily damaged. The more we learn about head injuries, the more we see how dangerous they are. Click here for information on traumatic brain injury from car accident lawyer Bill Coats in Bellingham, WA. 

Everett-Bellingham WA

4 Key Factors in Having a Safe Motorcycle Ride

While helmets are effective in preventing deaths for motorcycle drivers in crashes four out of ten times, only 19 states and the District of Columbia require their use by law. More and more research improves bike helmet material and design, and more data demonstrates why they should be  used. Personal injury lawyers who work with motorcycle accident victims see cases where injuries could have been prevented by helmet usage all too often. For motorcycle riding safety tips from a Bellingham, Washington lawyer well-experienced with helping motorcycle accident victims, click here.