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The Insurance Claims Process

After a serious collision, injured people must face the insurance claims process

After an injury accident, an insurance claim needs to be filed to ensure that the injured person receives compensation for medical expenses, lost work and wages, damaged property, and pain and suffering caused by the accident. Here is valuable information about the insurance claim process.

When an accident happens, regardless of who is at fault, all parties should contact their insurance companies immediately. The insurance adjusters will acquire information about the cause of the accident and the extent of injuries and property damage.

The insurance companies will then open an investigation. Those involved in the accident will be interviewed and asked to provide any accident-scene photos, names of witnesses, and any other information that has been collected.

Anyone injured in the crash will likely be asked to undergo an independent medical examination by a physician of the insurer’s choice to document the cause and extent of any injuries.

The insurance adjuster will calculate the value of the claim, and will issue a settlement check. If the insurance claim is denied, or if the insured feels that the settlement amount is too low, the insured can appeal to the insurance company.

Calculating Insurance Claim Value

While it is relatively easy to determine the cost of medical expenses and lost income, it's much more challenging to place a realistic dollar amount on the pain and suffering a person deals with after being injured. Insurance companies have developed damages formulas to calculate how much to pay the injured for these types of non-monetary damages.

Denial of Claims and the Appeals Process

There are many reasons why a claim may be denied:

  • The statute of limitations may have run;
  • The injured person failed to submit to an independent medical examination;
  • the type of accident may not be covered under the insurance plan.

If the claim is denied, the insured will receive notification from the insurance company. The insured then has the option to appeal the denial of claim. Appeals procedures vary from company to company, so it is important to review the policy in learn about the appropriate next steps.

When to have a personal injury lawyer step in to help

After having a claim denied or receiving a settlement offer that is too low, many people seek the help of a personal injury attorney who has experience in interpreting insurance policies and dealing with insurance adjusters to obtain the highest settlement possible. Many other people choose to find an experienced injury lawyer soon after an accident, so that the attorney can handle the insurance claim from the start and allow an injured person to focus on healing.

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No Insurance, Don’t Blame Me

Because of this law, uninsured drivers can’t make a claim for pain and suffering. Drivers who do not have a basic, state-required personal injury protection (PIP) policy at the time of an accident will not have theFULL ability to sue for losses.  Go here to learn more about how this law affects Kansas drivers who are injured in car accidents.

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Importance of Preserving Evidence after a Major Car Accident

Because the odds suggest that most drivers will eventually experience a major auto accident, it is imperative that every driver know how to respond when disaster strikes. That response includes understanding the importance of preserving evidence after a major car accident. Go here to learn more about why it is crucial to locate and preserve any evidence after a Texas car accident.

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If you've been the victim of a DUI, these statistics won't surprise you

It's no surprise to anyone that drinking and driving are unsafe, illegal, and easily preventable. Most of all to the people who have been harmed by someone's terrible choice to drink and drive. But you are not alone, and these statistics back it up. Bill Coats Law in Bellingham, WA has compiled a list of recent figures of how devastating and far-reaching a problem drinking and driving continues to be.

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12 reasons to find a personal injury attorney

Without an attorney on your side, it can be like playing football without a helmet or much knowledge of the rules and plays versus an NFL team. When it's yours and your family's financial future on the line, this is not the kind of strategy you want to use. A personal injury attorney is a game changer

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Does size matter? In car v. semi crashes like this one, yes it does

A recent catastrophic accident involving two semi tractor trailers and six cars or pickup trucks showed how clearly large trucks have the advantage in an accident. However, does this mean cars are always going to lose in accidents with bigger vehicles? Increasingly, materials and engineering have leveled the field. Read more from Bill Coats Law in Bellingham, WA about top safety ratings for cars

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This massive semi and car accident demonstrates that size does matter in crash safety

Though engineering and materials are increasingly sophisticated in manufacturing safer cars, certain factors will always favor larger vehicles. For information on the top five safest vehicles in crashes, and what you should do if you are injured in a car accident, click here for this article from Bill Coats Law, a personal injury law firm in Bellingham WA who helps victims of drunk and distracted drivers. 

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Tips on providing a safer experience for super bowl party guests

Statistics show that DUIs spike on Super Bowl days. This year is slated to be one of the biggest events in Super Bowl history, and this means lots of viewing parties. If you're  hosting, read this article from Bellingham personal injury lawyer Bill Coats on how to prevent drunk driving car accidents if you're hosting.

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Catastrophic car accidents and wrongful death - what survivors need to know

Bill Coats Law specializes in wrongful death cases in devastating car accidents. With empathy and grit, our lawyers walk survivors through the complicated process of financial recovery. Click here for this guide to basic questions answered about damages recoverable in wrongful death cases. 

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What survivors need to know about recoverable damages in wrongful death cases

It may feel overwhelming to dig through all the complexities and bills at such a difficult time, but this short article by Bill Coats Law, a personal injury firm in Bellingham, WA, guides survivors through the morass. Click here to learn what survivors need to know about recoverable damages in wrongful death cases.

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What kinds of damages are available in a wrongful death lawsuit?

Bill Coats Law, a personal injury firm in Bellingham, WA, specializes in wrongful death lawsuits and the complexities of car accident cases. A common question when family members come out of the fog and trauma of losing a loved one in a car accident is what kinds of damages are available to help them dig out of the financial tragedy. Click to read about your rights in wrongful death lawsuits

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An often-overlooked key to winning settlements in personal injury cases

Negotiation, strategy, experience and skill - all of these qualities make a personal injury claim reach a successful verdict or settlement. But here is one key aspect that can easily be overlooked by personal injury attorneys working with injured people. Bill Coats Law, of Bellingham, Washington, is the top car accident law firm in the fourth corner and writes on this basic human quality that wins cases.

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Hit by an autonomous vehicle? How fault may be determined

How could you sue a driverless car! Once these vehicles hit the road en masse as projected - 10 million by 2050 - accidents may go down but they won't go away. Bill Coats Law of Bellingham, Washington writes on issues for car accident claims where fault is disputed by the machines. 

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The top thing to do before discussing your car accident with the insurance adjuster

Since everything you tell them might be used to downplay the accident and reduce your claim, it pays to talk to an attorney before negotiating with the insurance company. So how to choose the right one? Lawyer Bill Coats in Bellingham, WA discusses key characteristics of good lawyers in this article.

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Signs, Symptoms and Seriousness of TBI

The symptoms of TBI can be subtle, even things that most people experience now and then normally. But the effects of them can be serious, even deadly. Click to learn more from personal injury lawyer Bill Coats of Bellingham, WA about how to recognize a TBI and the #1 thing you should do immediately if you hurt your head in a car accident

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Lost wages? PIP to the rescue

PIP stands for Personal Injury Protection and is automatically included with many auto insurance policies. Though individual policies vary, it may include $10,000 towards wage loss. But there are some important things to know about PIP and what it means to put it into action. Bill Coats Law in Bellingham, WA put together this article and video to help consumers understand auto insurance policies and what next steps to take in the unfortunate event of a car accident. 

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Required to pay back your insurer for its help with your medical bills? Here's one big reason to hire a lawyer

The thought can be quite shocking to accident victims when they first learn it. "Why would someone hurt in an accident have to pay back their insurance company for covering medical bills?" Most people believe this coverage is already compensated through years of paying premiums. However, many insurance companies will seek reimbursement once they have paid medical bills. Bill Coats Law hosts a YouTube channel with a video about what to do if you are in this situation, and sometimes, a legal advocate is your best bet for arguing a fair claim when things get complicated in auto accident claims.