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Lost income due to death

Lost income due to death in a wrongful death claim

After a wrongful death, a claim is typically launched to help the surviving family members recover financially after the loss of their loved one. One of the major challenges of a wrongful death claim is determining the damages the deceased’s family suffered because of their loss. One of the biggest parts of determining damages is determining lost wages or lost income.

How is lost income calculated?

Lost wages calculations can take into account a number of different factors, including:

  • the deceased’s estimated earning capacity;
  • if the deceased was likely to receive a raise or promotion;
  • inflation;
  • pensions and retirement plans;
  • stocks and investments;
  • health insurance and life insurance benefits.

Challenging aspects of a lost income claim

Sometimes it is particularly difficult to calculate lost income, particularly if the deceased person:

  • had an unusual or non-traditional job;
  • was self employed;
  • was under employed and not meeting their full earning potential;
  • was a recent college graduate or new to the workforce.

It is crucial to find an experienced personal injury to accurately and fully calculate a lost wages claim, so that no aspect is forgotten or mis-represented in the wrongful death claim.