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Brain Injury - TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)

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Some Crash Injuries Never Go Away

One thing about car crashes is some people harmed never get over the injuries. While they may not need to continuous treatment for decades, the damage can be deadly.

Small Blows to the Head Can Cause Brain Damage

All of these issues add together to become a major danger for all sports players. It also poses a risk for people in work conditions that leads to small head blows and sudden movements. Altogether, these could cause severe problems in later life in which the root causes are not immediately determined.

The True Cost of Severe Brain Injury

There are no winners in such injuries. The severity of brain injuries can take many forms and come with a tremendous number of complications. A Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI, caused by an accident is a devastating diagnosis.

Great News – Marriage of Tech and Brainpower Empowers Injured People

In this story, we will cover the latest tech that may just be able to help car accident victims who are suffering from more than just vertigo. Although we have seen many advances in science, we still have not seen a spinal cord repaired enough to allow a quadriplegic victim to walk, we do know that we are on the way there.

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Traumatic Brain Injuries and how wearing a bike helmet can protect you

I'm writing this days away from Halloween, and the subject is fittingly gruesome. As a personal injury attorney in Bellingham, WA, I work with clients who have experienced TBI - Traumatic Brain Injury - due to high speed collisions while they were riding their bikes. This can entail concussions, where the brain may swell and/or fluid collects under the skull, which can lead to brain damage. A head injury, which can come from a very violent rotation of the head, can mean the brain remains stationary while all the bones, tendons, and muscles move. And sometimes hit the pavement, or a car's windshield. Blood vessels and nerves fueling this precious organ may be torn apart. You can imagine how monstrously damaging these forces can be. It helps to be educated if you have been injured in an accident, and painful as it might seem, here is more information on traumatic brain injury, why you should always wear a helmet, and what you should do if you were hurt in a car accident.


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A head-on car crash can bring a lifetime of residual effects

When you're injured in an accident, it helps to know you're not alone. A head-on collision is one of the hardest events to go through, because the resulting injuries and losses can be catastrophic. As a personal injury attorney, I have helped clients find compensation for head-on car crashes so that they can focus on the best possible life afterwards. Here's a story I'd like to share with you about someone who was hit when another car crossed the median on a highway outside Bellingham, WA.

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Traumatic Brain Injuries are not uncommon for bicyclists hit by cars

Riding a bike offers little protection between rider and the environment. If you are on your bike and are hit by a vehicle, or your crash was caused by some factor beyond your control, you are likely dealing with a lot of injuries. In a collision between a bike and a car, the injuries a bike rider receives are almost always far worse than what the driver walks away with, especially if the cyclist’s head takes the impact of the hit. If you have a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) after a bike crash, you will likely face a lot of financial problems in addition to the strain of healing from trauma. Don’t let the stress convince you that you have no options and must go it alone. You do have options for compensation for your losses and financial trouble, and are not alone in fighting the insurance companies to get full, fair, and fast compensation after your accident. Understand your rights and legal options if you have TBI after a collision by clicking here.