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Brain Injury - TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)

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Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL

Litigating a Brain Injury Case: Overcoming the term “Mild”

First, the victim must appear credible, otherwise the entire case may seem like a ruse to the insurance company, and inevitably, to the jurors involved. Ever since big corporations and insurance companies ran a smear campaign to make America appear like a “litigious society”, jurors tend to be skeptical if they cannot see obvious signs of what they consider an injury to be.

Austin, TX


Diagnosing a moderate or severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) faces very few challenges because both the symptoms and signs of the patient are readily apparent.  This is not the case with a mild traumatic brain injury because on many occasions the signs and/or objective findings (e.g. scans, test, etc) are so mild that the injury may go unnoticed even by the most experienced emergency room professionals/physicians.

Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL

NFL Player Claims TBI as Defense

Cobbs said he is currently receiving inpatient treatment for the disease, which is associated with repeated TBI.  Symptoms of the disease include appearing ‘punch drunk’, mood swings, aggression, memory loss, and symptoms of depression and progressive dementia. While some saw Cobb’s explanation to the federal judge as a way for him to dodge federal drug charges, the threat of TBI and CTE are of real concern to many.

Savannah, GA

FREE BOOK – Your Injury Journal

Finally, a workbook designed to organize and survey your incident and injury throughout the road to recovery.

Georgia injury lawyer Ty Wilson knows it can be really difficult to keep a clear and focused mind after suffering a debilitating injury. This journal can help you to organize the details of those injuries and your course of treatment, which will be especially important if you have to prove your injuries in a court of law.