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Catastrophic Injury

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Serious lumbar fractures from car accidents

When a fracture of the spine bones takes place, there are wide ranging symptoms. Also, these can affect the suffering individual in many ways. The severity of the break can determine how much pressure gets placed on the spinal cord. So some breaks are mildly painful, and others feel much worse. 

Everett-Bellingham WA

Neck surgeries needed after a bike accident can mean expensive medical bills

Attorney Bill Coats’ took on a personal injury case in Bellingham, Washington, that involved multiple defendants. He obtained a settlement of over $1M for his client who experienced spinal injuries after a bike crash because of some high school kids' prank that went horribly wrong. So often, an injury to the neck or spine can mean complicated surgeries as well as a high incidence of chronic pain. While this particular case's story is unique and doesn't guarantee the same results for your case, it can help to get a glimpse of how the legal process works in personal injury claims with spinal and neck damage.

Everett-Bellingham WA

Getting hurt in a motorcycle crash often means serious injury

If you’re reading this page, you probably know this scenario: You or a loved one has been hurt by a collision while driving a motorcycle. You’re dealing with injuries, and the frustration that comes from mounting medical bills and lack of transportation, along with other losses. You can’t work, and the insurance companies are giving you the run around, or an offer that doesn’t compare to the amount of money you have to pay. While you wish you could just go on with your life and have things back to normal, it looks like you’ve got a lot of recovery ahead. And if you weren’t at fault in this accident, you might be wondering how it’s fair that you have to deal with all these problems and pay for problems you didn’t even cause. But you don’t have to. Click to learn more about your options if you were seriously hurt in a motorcycle crash.