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Soft-Tissue Injury

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Cincinnati, OH

Car Accident Caused Hearing Loss Settlement Case Study

The critical steps and tactics of proving a hearing loss from a car accident are to prove the the hearing loss is consistent with the trauma. Some researches suggest that it is not necessary for the head to actually impact an object.  All that is necessary is the jarring of the head is enough to damage internal structures. This is often called a acceleration- deceleration injury. It can go by the name of whiplash.

Laredo, TX

I Am Still in Pain, but I Do Not Have Serious Injuries . Do I Have a Case?

I cannot tell you how many times a client was in a minor impact accident and “felt a little sore” only to find out they have significant injuries that would require surgery for them to fully recover. So when you are in a car accident and there might be minimal property damage and you feel pain, it’s best to seek medical attention so they can take a look and determine if you have injuries that need attention. 

Whiplash Can Cause Permanent, Excruciating Pain

Chronic whiplash can result in neuropathic pain. It is the result of abnormal neural activity in the brain or spinal cord. It is caused by the nerves firing at a lower than normal threshold. Typical problems occur during stimulation or touching. Learn more here about the lingering problems that neck injuries can cause after a California car accident.