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Weather Issues

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Providence, RI-New Bedford, MA

Slip and Fall on Ice | Improperly Salted Walkways in RI & MA

Property owners, business tenants and other individuals legally responsible to maintain property  in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations and in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are required by law to ensure that walkways, stairs and sideways are free of accumulated ice and snow.

Madison, WI

Make Your Own Car Readiness Kit

Despite round the clock media coverage of the recent east coast blizzard, many people were caught unprepared and stuck on the highway overnight in freezing and dangerous conditions. A simple kit can help you if you ever find yourself in this situation.

Laredo, TX

Driving Safely In Fog: Facts and Tips You Need to Know

For drivers in Texas and around the world, driving can become so familiar that it is easy to forget about just how dangerous automobile travel really is. Driver fatigue, recklessness, and various types of distractions can all pose risks during any vehicular journey. Fortunately, those are all hazards that can be avoided by drivers savvy enough to make sound decisions. Sometimes, however, there are hazards that lie outside of our control, like inclement weather conditions.

Everett-Bellingham WA

One thing you can do to help prevent rear end collisions in foggy conditions

Here's a hint: turn your lights off! But only if you have stopped well away from the roadway. For the explanation of why you'd ever want to turn off your lights in the fog, and more tips on getting through it safely, head over to the blog for lawyer Bill Coats from Bellingham, Washington, a place that's quite familiar with fog and rain.

Everett-Bellingham WA

How to handle hydroplaning on the freeway

Wet roadways, especially prevalent here in the Pacific Northwest, present some driving hazards that can catch drivers off guard. One of those hazards is hydroplaning. Hydroplaning means a loss of traction and sliding on a film of water. Wet road surfaces can cause tires to hydroplane. This could result in the loss of control and steering ability, as your tires may lose contact with the pavement, and an accident might happen within seconds. It's a scary feeling to suddenly feel your car hydroplaning, but here are some things you can do to recover control of your vehicle quickly.