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Arizona - Geological Wonders

When most people think of Arizona, the first thing that comes to mind is probably "desert", which is certainly not wrong given that the state is the fourth driest in the nation. However, while the capital and largest city of the state, Phoenix, is within a hot desert climate as expected, the northern portions of the state are wetter and quite mountainous. Just take a two hour drive north from Phoenix, the hottest city in the country, and you'll find yourself in the town of Flagstaff, which receives about 100 inches of snow per year on average and is one of the snowiest places in the country! But Arizona is still more than just deserts and mountains; it's a geologist's dream. The state's biggest claim to fame is the Grand Canyon, which is widely considered to be one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, though no official list exists. The deep and expansive canyon exhibits miles upon miles of exposed rock layers, making it the perfect site for geologic research and an extremely popular tourist destination. Between the draw of the Grand Canyon and its position between the two most populous states of California and Texas, Arizona sees a significant amount of traffic on their interstate highways, which include:

  • I-8, which splits off from I-10 south of Phoenix and continues west though Yuma and eventually to San Diego, CA.
  • I-10, which runs from southeastern Arizona through Tuscon and Phoenix and continues west to Los Angeles.
  • I-17, connects Phoenix and Flagstaff.
  • I-19, goes south from Tuscon to the USA-Mexico border and town of Nogales.
  • I-40, runs east-west across the state, passing through Flagstaff. Leads to Albuquerque, NM going east, and Bakersfield, CA to the west.

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  • Phoenix accidents - The largest city and state capital. With a population of about 1,500,000, it's the most populous state capital in the country and the location of most accidents in Arizona.
  • Tucson accidents - The second largest city in the state; its population is around 500,000. Geologists and hobbyists come from around the world each year for the famous Tucson Gem & Mineral Show.
  • Yuma accidents - In the southwestern most corner of the state, right at the California-Arizona and USA-Mexico borders.

Where to find legal assistance after an Arizona injury accident

After a serious crash, it is crucial to get help from a great Arizona personal injury attorney who understands the legal standards and practices, who knows how insurance policies function, and who can handle all aspects of an insurance claim so the injured person can focus on recovery. If someone is killed due to the negligence of someone else, an Arizona wrongful death lawyer can launch a claim that will begin the process of financial recovery for the family members left behind. Learn more here about what an Arizona injury attorney can do to help.

Legal and Other Resources and Information

Phoenix, AZ

Top Five Car Crash Intersections in Phoenix

In their latest traffic safety report, the City of Phoenix shared 2014 data that lists the Phoenix intersections with the most crashes, most ran red lights and the top causes of collisions in the area. Go here to read about the most dangerous places to walk and drive in Phoenix.

Phoenix, AZ

5 Causes of Childhood Injuries

Most childhood injuries are the result of preventable accidents. Here are some of the more frequent reasons cited by our personal injury attorneys. Read more here...

Tucson, AZ

Arizona Pedestrian Deaths On the Rise

Preliminary state traffic data shows that Arizona ranks the second highest state for pedestrian fatalities in 2015 at 1.27 per 100,000 population.

For the first two weeks of March, three pedestrians were killed and 10 were injured in pedestrian related accidents. Learn more about recent pedestrian accidents in Arizona at this link.

Phoenix, AZ

Child Motor Vehicle Injury Prevention Guidelines

As a parent you do all that you can to provide a healthy, happy and safe environment for your child. You also know the importance of properly buckling your child up before you drive.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) created a quick reference guide to help parents ensure their children are properly secure in their car or booster seat. Go here to review the reference guide - what you learn could save a life.

Phoenix, AZ

What To Expect If You Get A DUI

Getting accused of a DUI in Arizona is a serious criminal offense that requires an experienced criminal defense lawyer. In case you are driving drunk and get pulled over, our legal team at Lerner & Rowe Law Group put together an overview of what may happen next...
Phoenix, AZ

How Do I Know If I Have Whiplash

 “How do I know if I have whiplash?” and “What should I do now?” may be some of the questions you have after a car accident. Here are the most common symptoms of whiplash that can help you determine if you have whiplash and need medical attention...
Yuma, AZ-El Centro, CA

What to Do after a Car Accident

Many people don’t know what to do after a car accident, which may leave them powerless to get the necessary care and money they need. If you are involved in a car accident,  we suggest that you follow these easy steps to help get you or a loved one back on the road to recovery...
Tucson, AZ

10 Tips to Stay Awake and Alert on Arizona Roads

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, fatigue behind the wheel ranks second only to alcohol as a cause of motor vehicle accidents.  Operating a car, truck or motorcycle is a responsibility that calls for your complete and unimpaired concentration. Stay awake and alert on the road with these valuable safety tips.

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