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Anita C. Strickland, 59, killed in motorcycle collision with driver Gary Lee Herndon, 79, on Friendship Road/Georgia 347 in Buford, Georgia

Modified Date: 
Sat, 04/21/2018 - 1:54pm
Accident Date: 
Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Gainesville motorcyclist killed in wreck on Friendship Road

Herndon did not yield when entering the roadway, and Strickland struck Herndon’s Mercedes on its driver’s side on Friendship Road, according to state patrol.

People Involved: 
Anita C. Strickland
Gary Lee Herndon
Buford, GA


The crime on top of the crime here is that killing someone with your vehicle is only a misdemeanor.  This person who probably should not have been driving at all at his age took a life and ruined life for an entire family and he'll probably never spend one day behind bars.  That's a crime.  My sympathy to the victims of this senseless tragedy.

I am praying for the family that lost a loved one. But please do not say hurtful things about the one who has to live with this dreadful accident. It was an accident. The driver did not wake up that morning and say I am going to kill someone. This is about grace and understanding accidents happen.

This could have happened to anyone. Both of the lives in this accident are important. They both have families that are hurting for different reasons. Lord I pray for grace and mercy and understanding for this terrible situation.

Should 60 year olds still ride Motorcycles? This is definitely a tragedy, but I only hope I still have the capacities that Gary Herndon has at his age. I know he grieves for this dear soul too.


You're kidding, right?  I am 76 and I just rode 4,280 miles, (this month) to Canada for a Can Am meet.  There were well over 3,000 motorcycles there.  My guess is 80% were riders over 60.  Somebody needs to rethink the comment but the answer is, YES, 60 year olds should still ride motorcycles if they want.   

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