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Garrett Zimmer, 22, and Marri D. Young-Wellbaum, 26, dead and Guage L. Gray, 22, injured in single-vehicle rollover on Highway 140 in Klamath Falls, OR

Modified Date: 
Wed, 01/28/2015 - 5:30am
Accident Date: 
Sunday, December 28, 2014

State police seek driver who picked up man hurt in Klamath Falls crash that also killed 2

Speed, alcohol and icy road conditions are being investigated as contributing factors in the crash.

2 dead in Highway 50 crash in Klamath Falls

Oregon State Police say two people died in a crash on Highway 50 in Klamath Falls on Sunday morning.
At about 7:40am, Gray was allegedly driving a pickup truck to the west on Highway 140 when he for some reason departed the roadway and struck a lamp post and highway sign before the pickup rolled several times and ejected Zimmer and Young-Wellbaum. None of the three occupants were wearing seat belts, but while Zimmer and Young-Wellbaum were both dead at the scene, Gray survived with injuries and was taken to a medical facility by an unknown passerby. Police ask anyone with any information about said passerby to call them at 541-883-5711. Police are currently investigating ice, alcohol, and excessive speed as possible factors in the accident.
Type: Car Accident
People Involved: 
Garrett Zimmer
Marri D. Young-Wellbaum
Guage L. Gray
Highway 140


You may want to check your facts. You are slandering this young man by placing him as the driver. I would say you may be facing a lawsuit for publishing this

Apparently he was driving or wouldnt have been charged. Slandering??? the man was drunk and driving, really..... Do the crime, do the time, and just cause your related doesn't mean he was the victim now.... Hes living, their dead.... Give me a break weirdo...

SHAME ON YOU... How dare you call this person a weirdo & you can't even sign your name, first of all you know nothing about this person or what he is feeling why don't you show some compassion, everyone in that vehicle was drunk and made the decision to get in the car. I am not saying that the driver is not responsible for his action's. this young man is paying the price that so many of us very well could have. I guess you or someone you loved never made a mistake. you should count your blessings and pray it never happens to you or those you love and if ever such a tragedy does happen to you, I hope for you much more understanding and compassion than you have shown to this young man and his family

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