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Spokane, WA - Accident News and Resources including car, bicycle, motorcycle and truck accidents and much more.

Spokane – Washington State's second largest city and the cultural center of Eastern Washington

Metropolitan Spokane is not a huge city with a population of just more than 208,000, but there are many commuters traveling into the city each day, coming in from Spokane County and across the region. This, of course, means that the traffic congestion is a common problem, and car accidents are a daily occurrence. The major roadways in Spokane include Interstate 90, State Route 290, and U.S. Route 2. To get up-to-date traffic information, please go to the Washington State Department of Transportation site. To find our current weather conditions, go to

Here is information on the most recent accidents in Spokane:

If you are looking for information on a specific crash that happened in Spokane, go to the appropriate link above.

If you know someone who has been injured in a Spokane accident, here are links to the major hospitals in the area:

Sacred Heart Medical Center;

Deaconess Hospital;

Providence Holy Family Hospital.

Spokane grief support organizations

When a loved one is killed in a Spokane motor-vehicle accident, it is often helpful for grieving family and friends to get help from a grief support organization. It can be comforting to talk with others going through a similar situation, and the road to recovering from the loss may go more smoothly. Go here to get information on Spokane grief support organizations and professionals.

Spokane legal information for accident victims

After someone has been injured or killed in a motor-vehicle crash in Spokane, many decisions need to be made immediately and questions need to be answered. For example, how much of the medical costs will be covered by the insurance policy? How does PIP insurance help with medical bills immediately? What if the at-fault driver has no insurance?

Where to find legal assistance after a Spokane injury accident

After a serious crash in Spokane, it is crucial to get help from a Spokane injury attorney who understands the local regulations and legal standards, who knows how insurance policies work, and who can handle all aspects of an insurance claim so the injured person can focus on recovery. If someone is killed in a collision, a Spokane wrongful death lawyer will launch a claim that will begin the process of financial recovery for the family members left behind.   

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Legal Resources

Spokane, WA

Spokane County Victim/Witness Unit

The Victim/Witness Unit was established by the Spokane County Prosecuting Attorney's Office to assist victims and witnesses through the criminal justice process. The Spokane County Prosecuting Attorney recognizes that recovering from crime takes time and that victims and witnesses deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Many victims and witnesses have never been involved in the criminal justice process and do not know what to expect.
Spokane, WA

Spokane County Prosecuting Attorney

The Office of the Spokane County Prosecuting Attorney consists of 65 attorneys, 60 support staff and 6 victim-witness staff members. The prosecuting attorney office is divided into units including Administration, Major Crimes, Special Assault, Domestic Violence, Gang, and Drug/Traffic/Probation.
Spokane, WA

Spokane County Detention Services

Spokane County Detention Services will ensure safety of the community by managing safe, secure, humane, and fiscally responsible institutions for inmate housing and programming.
Spokane, WA

Spokane County Sheriff

The Spokane County Sheriff's Office consistently invests available resources toward community-wide safety and security, economic viability, and the positive, nationwide reputation of the County. The provide a highly-trained, dedicated team of professionals, working in partnership with the community, in conjunction with new technology and research based criminal justice training.
Spokane, WA

Pend Oreille County Public Works Department

The objective of the Pend Oreille County Public Works Department is to preserve a friendly and rural lifestyle.  We work to protect the health, safety and welfare of the people, land and waterways that grace our fine county.  And we do our best to promote commerce by providing safe roads, building practices and other public services, while respecting the rights of individual landowners.
Spokane, WA

Pend Oreille County Bar Association

The Pend Oreille County Bar Association helps local lawyers in this community of approximately 13,000 people. The Pend Oreille County Bar Association associates itself with the Equal Justice Coalition a statewide organization with similar goals to the Pend Oreille County Bar Association of ensuring justice, fairness, and equality is provided to all people under the law.
Spokane, WA

Pend Oreille County District Court

Pend Oreille District Court is a court of limited jurisdiction serving the citizens of Pend Oreille County and the municipalities of Newport, Cusick, Ione, Metaline, and Metaline Falls. The District Court hears the following cases: felony first appearances, criminal misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors, traffic and non-traffic infractions, civil lawsuits for money damages up to $75,000, small claims up to $5000 and name changes.
Spokane, WA

Pend Oreille County Superior Court

Pend Oreille County Superior Court is a general jurisdiction trial court with responsibility for civil matters involving more than $300, unlawful detainers, and injunctions; felony criminal cases; misdemeanor criminal cases not otherwise provided for by law; family law, including dissolutions,child support, adoptions, parentage, and domestic-violence protection matters; probate and guardianship matters; juvenile offender matters;juvenile dependencies, including abused and neglected children,children in need of services, at-risk youth, and truancies; mental illness and involuntary commitment matters.

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