Jody Lynn Scott, 28, killed in pedestrian collision with hit-and-run driver on FM 1069 in Aransas Pass, Texas

Modified Date: 
Sun, 04/04/2021 - 11:02am
Accident Date: 
Friday, October 28, 2016

Woman killed in hit and run accident

DPS troopers say the person who witnessed the accident was not able to get a description of the vehicle that hit Scott and fled the scene.

Hit and Run
People Involved: 
Jody Lynn Scott
FM 1069


Maybe the police should talk to her girlfriend cus she went into snappys right before it happened and was saying her girlfriend beat her up and kicked her out of the car and made her walk home so someone should talk to her gf

JusticeforJodi we'll find out who did this, and when we do they will pay! love and miss you best friend .

I agree with kaylas comment, please find out who did this to my sister. The police should interrogate connie seeing her name.come up numerous times, they need to check the toxicology report to make sure the police didn't let her loose under the influence, we need to.find out why there was a h and half gap and why she was just laying in the road.

There is a reward for turning in Jodis killer. Wasn't just no damn hit and run it was murder


Rip Jody Lynn Justice will be served babygirl, and we will find the one that did this they took an angel away from us way too soon Love you girl #gonebutnotforgotten

I never got the chance to meet Jodi but my brother and sister in law knew her and the family. This Connie lady doesn't seem to be a great person and neither does the present girlfriend as numerous people tell about them. I also agree with above Kayla, that they need to do some digging and really rip into Connie and the "present" girlfriend!

Connie is pretty trashy and the g/f is the victims cousin Shae ( not sure on spelling but I definitely agree. .

I am the current gf so u can jus stop with my name in ur mouth rn! Idgaf what u think u no about me but u have never met me nd if u did is know she was my everything and I wud never do anything to Hurt her or cause any type of pain to her so I'd appreciate it if ur kept ur dumb ass comments to urself unless u have sum useful info about her case! Thank u!! My baby will have her justice and we r working over time to make sure we do just that! All the accusations and hear say is jus getting ppl like u worked up over something that doesn't even need to b ur concern!! So yes not only myself but the police nd others r diggin into it! & it will b a matter of time before these low life's r brought down nd get what they deserve!

To all of jodi's family n friends god will see to it that jodi has justice! Gone too soon but never forgotten! I love u jodi. We grew up together. Best high baby girl! As sad as i am i know ur soo happy to b with ur mama.. #justiceforjodi

Good luck I mean after all its aransas pass smh

R.I.P Jodi!justice will be served and the ppl responsible will pay!whats done in the dark comes out in the high baby girl

Rest in peace baby girl fly high with the angels and your mama #justiceforjodi love you baby girl

I didn't know jody personally just by what my cousin molly posted on Facebook but I pray that Justice will be served and that God give all the family n friends the strength on the days to come n be assured that y'all r not alone God be with u all sorry for ur loss just know an angel has been gained in heaven.... God bless u....

To think i just talked to you hours before this horrific accident happened that took you life. Im still trying to believe its real. Fly high witnh your new wings. Justice will brought to the asshole who did this to you and you will be missed forever. Rip Jodi Lynn Scott #gonebutneverforgotten

I believe that God sees and hears everything, And He knows who did this, And I have faith in the Aransas Pass Police Dept, They will get you, And when they do I hope when your in that cell remember what you did not only to that beautiful girl Jodi and tothe family and friends and especially to the one she loved Karma a bitch and with that comes vengeance! May God keep you, Until we can meet again

Well I have talked to investigators and my name was cleared. Josh Scott.. all I know is she was a great loving person big piece of my family. And I let what anyone says BC I know what really happened and who did it will come out.. me and Jodi talk on a daily.. miss u bubby

Did they ever find the pos that did this???

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