Mechanic Negligence

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Laredo, TX

New Developments: Takata Air Bag Recall

In new developments in the Takata air bag recall, air bag designer and manufacturer Takata Corporation is currently in the process of adding additional recalls to what has become one of the largest airbag recalls to date. 

  Mr. Baeza, a 25-year-old carpenter, was driving his motorcycle through an intersection where he had right-of-way when a pickup truck driven by Mr. Ortiz drove through his stop sign, striking Mr. Baeza's motorcycle. As a result of the accident, Mr. Baeza suffered multiple skull and facial fractures, resulting in brain damage and personality disorder, loss of the sense of smell, and loss of vision in the right eye; fractures of both forearms, resulting in limited motion to both wrists; and an injury to the testicles.