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Jeremy Mercier, 20, killed while skateboarding in hit-and-run collision on Route 5 in Enfield, Connecticut

Modified Date: 
Sat, 12/03/2016 - 9:23am
Accident Date: 
Friday, December 2, 2016

Skateboarder Killed in Enfield Hit-and-Run

Police Chief Carl Sferrazza tells NBC Connecticut that a vehicle fatally struck a pedestrian overnight on Route 5 (Enfield Street) in the vicinity of Orlando Road, before fleeing the scene.

20-year-old man found dead along Route 5 in Enfield, victim of hit-and-run

 Enfield Police said a man's body was found along Route 5 in the early morning hours Friday.  Police told FOX 61 the victim was killed in an apparent hit-and-runaccident.

Enfield Police Chief Carl Sferrazza said Jeremy Mercier, 20, of Parsons Road was apparently skateboarding at the time of the accident.

A passerby found his body on the side of the road at around 1 a.m. Friday and called police. It is unclear how long Mercier had been there before he was spotted.

People Involved: 
Jeremy Mercier
Route 5


It was Friday Dec 2 when my son told me what had happened with Jeremy Mercier. My son  could not understand as to why the vehicle whom struck Jeremy Mercier as they did not stop and call for HELP! What is this world coming to? Is it because this driver who struck Jeremy Mercier running from the LAW? Perhaps under the influence! Perhaps illegal substance in the vehicle. I would never accept the fact of someone to say they did not mean to do it! Especially after the fact you fled the scene.  I'm sorry but that stretch of road is like a race track. People are always in a rush.

Excuse me driver and i hope you read this: YOU WILL BE FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO SHOP WILL FIX YOUR CAR FROM THE DAMAGE THAT YOU HAVE SUSTAINED FROM THIS> YOU LEFT AN INNOCENT YOUNG MAN LAYING IN THE COLD DYING! SERIOUSLY WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??????????? I will pray for his family so there is closure.  WHAT IF THIS WAS SOMEONE YOU KNEW????? EVER THINK ABOUT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!! MAN YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW UPSETING THIS IS TO ME, WISHING THAT I COULD FIND YOU QUICKER THAN POLICE!!!!!!!  MY son was out enjoying themselves with his friends having a good time before all this happened until my son decided he wanted to go home then he heard the news. WHAT THE HECK DUDE FESS UP TURN YOURSELF IN.............,,,,

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