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Comprehensive Information and Legal Options for Chicago, Illinois Car Accident Victims

After an accident in Chicago, take these steps to follow the law and get the insurance claim process started


When a crash happens in Chicago, it is important to take the following steps, to make sure that any injuries are treated and documented, and that the collision and resulting insurance claim are properly managed.


Take the following steps after a Chicago accident


Check yourself for injuries. If you're injured, call 911 or ask someone else to do so. 

Check on the well-being of your passengers. 

Get to a safe location.

Exchange insurance  information.

Document the accident:


  • Identify the responding officers;
    Get a copy of the accident report;

  • Take pictures;

  • Take down names of all parties involved including passengers in all vehicles;

  • Talk to witnesses;

  • Notify your insurer and start the claims process.


Resources that will help after a Chicago accident


Chicago Police Department;

Chicago Fire Department;

Cook County Sheriff’s Office;

Chicago major medical facilities include John Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County, Northwest Memorial Hospital, and University of Illinois Hospital;

Cook County Circuit Court.


How do you deal with an insurance claim after a Chicago accident?

Almost everyone involved in an injury accident  has to deal with insurance companies and claims. For crashes involving more serious injuries, or when a fatal crash occurs, a Chicago personal injury attorney is needed to manage the insurance claim. Go here to learn more about how a Chicago car accident lawyer helps injured victims.


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