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Flint-Saginaw-Bay City, MI Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Flint motorcycle collisions are a serious safety risk for the many riders in the region

Motorcycle accidents are a common occurrence in Flint and across Genesee, Bay and Saginaw Counties. Flint, Saginaw and Bay City are popular with motorcyclists, and with so many bikes on the roads, the number of collisions is high, and motorcycle accidents are a major safety and economic issue for riders in the Tri-Cities region.

Get information here on Flint motorcycle crashes and laws.

Get information on motorcycle crashes from the Police Departments in the Flint, Saginaw and Bay City region

The Flint Police DepartmentSaginaw Police Department and Bay City Police Department offer information on accidents, and also provides information on filing a police report and on obtaining a police report.

The Michigan Department of Motor Vehicles provides information on traffic and safety laws.

These departments are a good resource to get information after a car crash.

Flint, Saginaw and Bay City motorcycle crashes have common causes and devastating outcomes

While helmets and anti-lock brakes make motorcycling safer, riding a motorcycle is riskier than driving a car. Maintaining control is more difficult on two wheels, and when collisions happen, motorcyclists are at greater risk of serious injury or death because they don't have an enclosed vehicle or safety belts for protection.

The statistics on motorcycle crashes and fatalities are sobering

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the federal government estimates that per mile traveled in 2012, the number of deaths on motorcycles was more than 26 times the number in cars. Motorcycle deaths accounted for 13% of all motor vehicle crash deaths in 2013.

Common causes of Flint motorcycle crashes include:

  • Vehicles turning left: Statistically, the most dangerous situation for a motorcyclist occurs when cars are making left-hand turns. These collisions account for 42% of all crashes between motorcycles and other vehicles.
  • Head-on collisions: The vast majority of motorcycle crashes with cars occur when they collide head-on. These head-on crashes result in a higher fatality rate than other types of crashes.
  • Lane Splitting: Lane splitting refers to when a motorcyclist drives between two lanes of cars, usually in heavy traffic when car movement is slowed or stopped.
  • Speeding and alcohol impairment: Statistically, approximately half of single-vehicle motorcycle crashes have speeding and alcohol use as factors.
  • Crashes between motorcycles and stationary objects: Motorcyclists crashing with fixed objects result in 25% of motorcyclist deaths.
  • Road hazards: Hazards such as potholes, icy conditions, uneven lanes, and debris in the road pose significant danger to motorcyclists.

When someone is injured in a Flint, Saginaw or Bay City motorcycle accident, what needs to happen next?

In an injury accident, it is crucial to get appropriate medical treatment, regardless of the financial cost.

The major hospitals in the area include:

As soon as possible, an injured person should contact their insurance company to find out how medical treatment is covered under their insurance policy. Since motorcycle insurance policies often have unique provisions, it is important to review the policy and speak with the insurance adjuster to get clarification on coverage.

Personal injury lawyers offer a no-cost claim evaluation to help you.

Since there is no cost to speak with a lawyer, it is a good idea to learn more about your potential personal injury claim. Accident Data Center can help you by connecting you with our network of experienced injury lawyers who can provide you with information about your rights and options. Learn more here about the value of a no-cost legal claim evaluation.

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Motorcycle Accident Reports and News from the Flint-Saginaw-Bay City, MI Area

Flint-Saginaw-Bay City, MI
Accident Date: 
Sat, 05/02/2015
29-year-old Hilary A. Briggs was driving a motorcycle to the north on State Park Drive, when she slowed down to make a right turn onto Pembroke Road. A car that was behind her, driven by police lieutenant Jason T. Teddy, 44, failed to slow down in time and collided with her at about 11:42 a.m.