Hayley Gunter, 22, killed, when the car she is riding leaves a roadway in Greenville County, and overturns in a field near Piedmont.

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Wed, 09/24/2014 - 11:24am
Accident Date: 
Monday, March 3, 2014

Pelzer woman killed in fiery crash.

Greenville County Coroner Parks Evans says a Pelzer woman died in a fiery crash Tuesday night.

Greenville County Coroner Parks Evans says a Pelzer woman died in a fiery crash Tuesday night.

The crash happened at 6 p.m. on Old Pelzer Road in Piedmont, according to Evans.

The coroner said 22 year old Hayley Gunter was a passenger in a car that lost control, left the road, and overturned in a field. The car then caught on fire.

Evans said Gunter was not wearing a seat belt, and was thrown from the car. She was taken to Greenville Memorial Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

An autopsy is planned for Wednesday.

The accident remains under investigation by the South Carolina Highway Patrol and the Greenville County Coroner's Office.

Type: Car Accident
People Involved: 
Hayley Gunter
Old Pelzer Road


What make people celebrate when tragedy strikes? I knew Hayley a very breif period, but anytime someone so young dies it's tragic. No matter what their lifestyle was.. No matter what they did or did not do its tragic. If the fact that she was accused or committed a crime , if that fact alone makes her death ok. Would it not be the same as saying the ignorance or stupidity of not understanding human life is that grounds for a foot up some jerks ass . No . You are entitled to your opinion but do people that have love for this child who weren't accused of any crimes does that make it ok to suffer them anymore then they are by makeing inappropriate statements. Bottom line there's something wrong with the world and it's not lack of more guns or police or offensive thoughts. It's all that and more combined into one simple thought. People don't love or care anymore. I'm sorry but I refuse to sit back one more day and not stand up for the truth. Short time I knew Hayley I tried with all my heart to open her eyes about path she was on. I have been down that same path and can say it's a road to nowhere. She was a sweet spirit and though her actions may not have showed it all the time she was human. I'm so sad she will never get to get married or know they joy of being a mother. So much hope to look forward to , but now it's gone. So to the family I say May god be with you and hold you in these times. And to the person that posted the first statement I ask god to watch over you and open your eyes . I sign off by saying I miss you Hayley G and rather you knowed it in life or not you were loved. May god watch over you now :)

I have know her feels like forever. My sister brought her home from school and we took her in as family and never treated her any diff. And fronm that moment she became my little sister and we all love her like she was family and took care of her. Wish things could of went better for her. But she will be missed dearly. Rip b.

look under google hayley gunter ,picked up in south carolina for burglaries

If you think that Hayley got in the car herself you are wrong he knocked her out and put her in the car and she was throne yes but he drug her back to the car and tried to make it look like she did it

My best friend , til I see you again , only God knows why , I'll be missing you til the day I die . .. Rest In Peace , amen .

My beautiful sister tomorrow youll be dead 3 years baby girl i miss you so much i love you and can wait to see you


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