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Deceased motorcyclist's family and their attorneys win their case against a trucking company that illegally parked their truck in a neighborhood, resulting in the motorcyclist's death

Accident Type: 
Motorcycle Accident
Incident Date: 
Thursday, May 1, 1980
Result Date: 
Sunday, October 1, 1989
Monetary Result: 
  Mr. Farmer, a 26-year-old mechanic was riding his motorcycle in May of 1980 in Spokane County, Washington when he struck the trailer of a semi-truck owned by Sac Transport Company and operated by Mr. Wheeler. Farmer died shortly after the crash with the trailer. He was survived by his wife and one child. They decided to sue the transport company and the operator of the semi-truck. They  and their attorneys argued that the tractor-trailer was illegally parked in a residential neighborhood and that Mr. Farmer was not expecting an obstruction of that kind and had insufficient time to react.  Sac Transport and their attorneys countered that speed was a factor and that Mr. Farmer had his high-beam headlight on, giving him sufficient time to react if he had been operating his motorcycle at an appropriate speed. The jury ultimately ruled in favor of Mr. Farmer's family and their attorneys, awarding them $668,480. Mr. Farmer was found to be 27% at fault, however.

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