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  • In: Robert Woodrow Wilson III, 42, and Paul Leon Lee, 53, killed and two injured in collision on N.C. Highway 43 in Nash County, North Carolina
    2 weeks 4 days ago

    My son william hung with Mr Robert everyday these too was  like family and now i dont even know how to tell my son his friend is dead, as a mother i dont even know how to let these words come out my mouth to my son, this is gonna tear my son up he loved himself some Robert, he loved his wife and his mother and all this is just tragic. I used too see MR Robert come to the house and drop william off this is just unbelievable too me myself. even william kids called mr robert Uncle robert. My grandkids called me yesterday and said grandma Uncle Robert passed away. 

  • In: Drunk bear breaks into car, joyrides, crashes...poops
    2 weeks 5 days ago


  • In: Pedestrian killed in collision on I-185 in Columbus, Georgia
    2 weeks 5 days ago

    A dear friend of mine went missing on this day. I believe it may be him. Charles Brewer. Age 48. White male. I can even send a picture if needed. If you can give me any information please contact me at

  • In: Child dies in crash on Evergreen Way in Everett on October 30
    2 weeks 6 days ago
    I miss my nephew every single day that passes by and wish he was still here with us and I don't understand how God can let a monster like my brother live and take a innocent child like Josiah R.I.P I love you and miss you.
  • In: Matthew Haughey, 27, and Krystin Phillips, 26, killed in collision with police vehicle on Loop 202 in Chandler, Arizona
    2 weeks 6 days ago

    Rest in paradise matt! You will be greatly missed! I'm so grateful I was able to grow up with you & spend time with you while you were here with us. Your son is going to be a mini you! So blessed you left a legacy behind! Much love!

  • Comment: Hey Mom,
    In: Misty Lynn Vandenburgh, 29, killed, and three people injured in single-car crash on I-57 in Champaign County, Illinois
    2 weeks 6 days ago

    Hey Mom,

    It's me... Your Daughter, Hannah. Also, your daughter Autumn... We both want to say a few things...

    We miss you so much! It has been 5 years (2020) since this accident has happened and I just wanna say, we love you... We both miss your hugs, warm smile, and even the smell of your gorgeous ways.. we hope you are happy where you are, and never, ever forget us!... Because we will never forget you...


  • In: Bicyclist Christopher A. Batista, 35, killed in collision on Copans Road in Pompano Beach, Broward County, Florida
    3 weeks 15 hours ago

    I was saddened to learn of this today four years later. I knew this person, hadn't seen him and years and did a search online. Words cannot explain the chill I feel right now may he rest in peace.

  • In: Kristen Davies, 28, struck and killed by a truck, as she was crossing San Pedro street at night in Albuquerque.
    3 weeks 2 days ago

    Where are you?


  • In: Richard Donald Mainor, 86, and Tracie Diane Herrick, 45, killed in collision on N.C. Highway 27 in Harnett County, North Carolina
    3 weeks 4 days ago

    Per the accident report Richard Mainor was east bound. The other driver was west bound and crossed the center hit Richard Mainor head on. 

  • Comment: Huh?
    In: Minnesota man with valid driver's license arrested for 28th DWI
    3 weeks 4 days ago
    Any place that has a liquor license in his county and beyond should be issued a notice to not serve this man! He clearly lacks the intellectual skills to understand that driving while drunk endangers the public....and obviously our criminal justice system is flawed. The power to the people! Protect your community! Even if the individual bartenders have to take a stand. Do not serve this man! He is clearly a moron and should be ashamed.
  • In: Melissa Patania, 33, killed and suspected DUI driver Augustus Matthew Marinovich, 19, charged in collision on Phoenix Lake Road in Sonora, California
    3 weeks 5 days ago

    This is such a tragic DUI story. Hopefully somehow all the children make a full recovery. This driver should have to fightDUIcharges that are upgraded to the highest felony offense, and hopefully is convicted once it goes to court.  It's interesting how no media source so far is posting this DUI offender's mugshot or photo, when usually that is standard with any major DUI arrest.

  • Comment: An a**hat view
    In: Drunk bear breaks into car, joyrides, crashes...poops
    3 weeks 6 days ago
    ...aware of the hypocritical elitest trend of buying a subaru to show social status.. And the typical Subaru elitest.... You are very wrong in your off view of "typical" Subaru owners. It'speople like you that are what's wrong with this country. You are an oxygen thief sir and it is unfortunate that you're around to spread your bulls**t.
  • In: Minnesota man with valid driver's license arrested for 28th DWI
    3 weeks 6 days ago

    Unbelievable!!! I am speechless. Still looking for the cameras...this has got to be a prank! I can not fathom an individual caught 28 TIMES for DUI and the thousands of times he was NOT. What does it take to keep the public safe? It is the job starting with Bettcher all the way up the ladder. The only individuals I see doing an outstanding job are the police officers! Yes, all 28 of you have upheld the law to keep the public safe. Hats off to all 28 of you!! I would personally like to apologize for the brick wall in front of your face. Maybe now they will knock it down to avoid hitting you face again. The rest of you who are involved shame on all you for allowing these events in history to happen. If it was your loved ones injured or God for bid killed this would have never happened. It is said your 4th DUI is a felony therefore we have 25 felonies in this case. No one wants to receive that phone call! Let's make a difference today.  PLEASE protect our loved ones too!! God Bless to all. 

  • Comment: Liberals
    In: Minnesota man with valid driver's license arrested for 28th DWI
    4 weeks 19 hours ago

    B.D. Stewart, the problem is people continuing to put liberals into power. I agree with you 

  • In: Minnesota man with valid driver's license arrested for 28th DWI
    4 weeks 19 hours ago

    Obviously, Minnesota is the problem. THey seem to have no accountability in anything. Not a surprise in a blue state. In Ga, 3 strikes and you're out 

  • In: David Nunn, 40, killed and two students sustain minor injuries in school bus collision on Bell Street in Amarillo, Texas
    4 weeks 20 hours ago

    Looking through these accident reports I noticed the same name on two reports. David Nunn. He was also the driver of the motorcycle that hit and killed my friend, Candice Pogue when she was crossing I-40. So  sad

  • In: Jonathan M. Cottrel, 18, killed in single-vehicle car crash on Highway 232 in Dover, Tennessee
    4 weeks 23 hours ago

    I gotta couple things I'd like to say to you.. first off you needa keep anything about my brother or the crash outta your mouth.. how me n him were rasied has absolutely nothing to do with what happened that night.. btw you do know his father did play "russian roulette" and killed himself in 2013, you got some kinda sick humor,,, even I don't get down like that... Last thing I got to say, if you gonna try n trash talk a dead person, or his family, don't be hiding behind a bs name. You had the balls to type it up, then grow the pair to say it to my face.!!.

  • In: Ruby Jean Butler, 64, killed in collision near St. Petersburg, Florida
    1 month 17 hours ago

    It's been proven that Caleb Fitzgerald did not hit the woman and he wasn't convicted of a crime. Perhaps for the sake of accuracy and truth you'd like to update this information. In this article it's stated as fact that he struck a woman with his car, when in fact, his car was impounded and checked for evidence for several days and absolutely nothing was found to indicate that he struck her. 

  • In: Luke Perkins, 30, and Aaron Schmidt, 36, killed in crash at Thornton Parkway and Washington Street in Thornton, Colorado
    1 month 18 hours ago

    Aaron was my best friend.  It's not fair because of someone else's negligence, we can't have him in our lives anymore. It's just not fair. 

  • In: Elyazid Belharouak, 18, killed and Ty Witt, 17, injured in crash on West Main Street in Sevierville, Tennessee
    1 month 3 days ago

    I didn't know Elyazid personally, but most of my friends did. He went to my school and was on the same wrestling team as my boyfriend. He was a really nice guy from what I heard, and when I found out it was him who died, I was quite sad.