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  • In: John P. Bannister, 37, and Daryl E. Harton, 36, killed, and Kevin Helfrich, 54, injured in wrong-way collision on Illinois 15 in Belleville, Illinois
    2 weeks 4 days ago

    No one should have to die from someone driving drunk, this is such an epidemic in our society.  Helfrich should not have been driving a vehicle as a recidivist drunk driver, and I only wish he survives this incident so he can rot in jail. John Bannister was a good man, and he positivity effected those around him; he will truly be missed. My prayers are also for his friend Daryl's family in this such tragic time. 

  • In: Robert Nolon-Corominas, 29, killed in pedestrian crash with U-Haul truck driven by Kyle Lombardi after altercation and stabbing at Springs Road and Thelma Avenue in Vallejo, California
    2 weeks 4 days ago
    Hi baby it's been a year and a half I miss you it's still a shocked to me that this reply happen ROBBY PLEASE HELP ME come to my dream and tell me to let go.. I'm going to kill myself with all this depress and sadness and sorrow I'm feeling love you baby Love your girlfriend Jacky
  • In: Pedestrian Joshua Grant Nichols, 20, killed in collision on 5100 West at 3450 South in Hooper, Utah
    2 weeks 5 days ago
    It was actually on 5100 West at the 3450 South intersection.
  • In: Massachusetts drunk driving suspect crashes car with lizard in her bra
    3 weeks 2 days ago

    just so glad the lizard wasn't charged or harmed.....and that it's on his way to a new and safer home. With a semi-automatic-carrying-companion in it's life the animal control may have saved it from being turned into a purse or pair of shoes.


  • In: Lorraine Rodriguez, 57, struck by at least one vehicle and killed at S. 900 West in South Salt Lake, Utah
    3 weeks 4 days ago
    The fact remains that My Mom was in a crosswalk and pedestrians have the right away!! My Mom had a bad leg and that light changes very quickly she didn't make it across fast enough. The fact also remains had the driver who struck my Mom not been a .27 BAC and driving on suspension he might have saw her in the crosswalk in her " dark clothing" and been able to stop!!! The man who killed her was drove home that night by officers and had the audacity to show up to court wasted he was then later charged with a Class B Misdemeanor DUI,!!! Unbelievable!! Justice??? Anyone ???? Does it exist anymore ???
  • In: Louise Wright, 59, dies following 2-vehicle crash on President Street in Savannah, Georgia
    4 weeks 14 hours ago
    What do you mean unknown reasons the crash clearly caused her death!
  • In: Shelia Cowles, 50, killed in pedestrian collision on Richmond Road in James City County, Virginia
    4 weeks 15 hours ago
    No any one that cant keep control of the vehicle at all times should not be behind the wheel.thats why they put white lines on the roads. Should be a crime and the driver should pay for such negligance.
  • In: Joshua Lamm, 24, and Destiny Jones, 22, killed in head-on collision on Interstate 40 near Haw River, North Carolina
    4 weeks 1 day ago

    I would like to know where subject worked and if they can be held accountable after letting him work a seventeen hour shift.

  • In: Shelia Cowles, 50, killed in pedestrian collision on Richmond Road in James City County, Virginia
    4 weeks 1 day ago
    Actually, there were absolutely no witnesses to this crime other than the person with the lady and the driver. My heart goes out to their family for this loss. However until the investigation is finished, there should be absolutely no blame thrown anywhere due to Virginia's laws on walking on and near highways. And all of the evidence that needs to be gone over.
  • In: Shelia Cowles, 50, killed in pedestrian collision on Richmond Road in James City County, Virginia
    1 month 4 hours ago
    I was first on the scene and it was truly tragic. The woman responsible needs to be charged for her reckless behavior that led to the death of this lady right in front of her husband. My heart goes out to the family of sheila. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers. This just shows how we as a society need to pay more attention when we are on the road. She was just out walking with her husband off of the road in the grass it is so sad how quickly so many lives can be destroyed with carlessness. I, myself will never forget what I witnessed that day. My deepest condolences go out to hwr husband. I can not imagine what it is like to watch the love of your life be stuck by a vehicle and killed all bc of someone not paying attention.
  • In: Eliselda Martinez, 22, and Allison Gallegos, 23, dead and another injured in early morning wrong-way crash on 610 North Loop in Houston, Texas; Tucker Raphe Sims, 31, charged with intoxication manslaughter and assault
    1 month 10 hours ago
    but this was no accident....He all on his own got in a car DRUNK. Nobody MADE him. Then bc of his bad choice he KILLED 2 YOUNG GIRLS. 2 LIVES,GINE FOR EVER...what the he'll could be the true "facts". That he didn't have his glasses. NO there is no excuse for a DRUNK DRIVER! When u r DRUNK and get behind a vehicle, U become a weapon, to be discharged indiscriminantly...NO EXCUSES. And apparently he wasent loving, with that criminal record of ASSAULT on FAMILY MEMMBER and INJURY to a CHILD. But let me guess, we don't know the tri "FACTS"
  • In: Erick Giovanni Gonzalez, 43, dies in high-speed crash on Highway 99 at Highway 119 exit in Bakersfield, California
    1 month 10 hours ago

    Erick I'm sad to hear about your accident. I never got the chance to ask you for forgiveness. I'm sorry I hurt you and everyone else. Rest In Peace 

  • In: Tamara Campbell, 35, killed in pedestrian collision at Broadway and Third Avenue in Newark, New Jersey
    1 month 1 day ago

    RIP Tamara...we miss you babygirl. Your babies are in good hands.

  • In: Kurtis Liska, 27, killed in collision on Interstate 84 in Bethel, Connecticut
    1 month 2 days ago
    I worked with Kurtis at Costco, he was a good co-worker and friend, sadly taken to soon. He'll be missed dearly. :(
  • In: Cameron Isreal, 23, and Terry Strong, 26, killed in head-on collision on U.S. Highway 83 in Valentine, Nebraska
    1 month 3 days ago
    Cameron Isreal is my oldest brother and I barely found out about his death today and I'm really sad because my third eldest brother Benjamin was looking for him for a very long time. #RIPCameronIsreal
  • In: Motorcyclist Andres Alfredo Castillo, 22, killed in collision at Fletcher Avenue and 50th Street in Tampa, Florida
    1 month 3 days ago

    Anytime I hear about another biker getting killed, it grieves me.  I will admit there are those on sports bikes that race through traffic and eventually bite it, but most of these accidents are not the biker's fault.   All too often, a car turns right in front of the biker and either T bones the biker or the biker T bones the car.   Either way, the biker stands no chance.  I have almost been hit numerous times by drivers that aren't paying close enough attention.  The only way I ride now is with the assumption that cars absolutely can't see me, as this is a daily occurance.  I think vehicle manslaughter laws should be enforced whenever this happens.  As it is, nothing is ever done and someone has lost their life. 

  • In: Motorcyclist Andres Alfredo Castillo, 22, killed in collision at Fletcher Avenue and 50th Street in Tampa, Florida
    1 month 4 days ago
  • In: Motorcyclist Andres Alfredo Castillo, 22, killed in collision at Fletcher Avenue and 50th Street in Tampa, Florida
    1 month 4 days ago

    On my way to work this morning I came upon this horrible scene of police everywhere and a motorcycle on its side . Thinking well the driver was sent to the hospital .... Then as I moved along with the traffic I saw what I would trade anything to have not seen . A body laying in the road with a sheet over it his shoes on his feet were sticking out from the sheet . This young man lost his life today and he was just living his life . My heart is broken for his family . I thought of him all day , having nephews his age . Someone told me they saw on the news that he was 22 years old . So Sad. I cried for for this young man and I will pray for his family.


  • In: Female pedestrian killed in collision with tow truck on Mission Avenue in Oceanside, California
    1 month 4 days ago

    this is to the family and friends of janet the young lady who was hit and unfortunatly killed by the [person who hit here on mission ave .we just would like to comment on janets behalf that she was a really special lady and friend of ours and she will be missed dearly by us.janet this is me mark your buddy and friend good friend for almost 30yrs.i just want to say that you will always be in my thoughts and prayers and i love you and will miss you alot .but we will neet again in heaven woman you cant get rid of me that you dearly mark my condolences go out to your family.

  • In: Katrina Myers dies in single-vehicle wreck on North Freeway in Houston, Texas
    1 month 1 week ago
    Katrina is my mama somebody need to find out who did that to my mama