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  • In: Chloe Martin, 3,critically injured in two-vehicle collision on Highway 18 in Rankin County, Mississippi
    14 hours 6 min ago
  • Comment: SHOES
    In: Woman bitten 3 times by copperhead snake at Virginia restaurant
    16 hours 43 min ago

    Michael, maybe you should read the article more carefully before you give such an opinion.  The article clearly states she was wearing sandals.

  • In: Lauren McCormick, 20, killed after jumping in front of Metro-North train in Westchester County, NY
    1 day 10 hours ago

    Yes it is nice she was loved by so many including me. 

  • In: Dejon Dawson, 20, dead after hit-and-run by a taxi cab on Altama Avenue between R and Q streets in Brunswick, Georgia
    2 days 15 hours ago
    Long live my bro still cant believe I will never see you again #DEJONGANG
  • In: Pedestrian killed in collision on East Freeway in Channelview, Texas
    2 days 16 hours ago

    With a tragic new breaking story, a follow-up story would be appreciated with more details.

  • In: Richard Waldman, 62, killed in collision on U.S. Route 322 in Reed Township, Pennsylvania
    3 days 17 hours ago

    He was a dr returning from work and had spent countless hours driving to and from work through out his Mefical career. He was considered an excellent driver which makes his death that much more tragic.

  • Comment: Shoes.
    In: Woman bitten 3 times by copperhead snake at Virginia restaurant
    6 days 1 hour ago

    Well, maybe if she had been wearing SHOES she wouldn't have been bitten on the toes and side of the foot. Most places have "no shirt/no shoes" signs but they allow flip flops and sandals.  To me, it's the same, especially when they can't wash their feet at some point in the month.  Or have we time traveled back to the barefoot 60s?  Maybe we're too poor to afford shoes now?  When I was in high school, they wouldn't let us wear flip flops, saying they were too dangerous. Now, flip flops seem to be the only "shoe" that people want and even men are wearing them.  

    My guess is she also had a cell phone glued to her ear and wasn't paying attention to where she was walking, either.

  • In: Robert Lowe, 57, killed and Amanda Hartman, 32, and Matthew Welch, 39, injured in head-on collision on State Route 211 near Molalla, Oregon
    6 days 1 hour ago

    Seeking information about Amanda and Matthew. Are they OK?

  • In: John E. Kudryk killed in pedestrian collision with speeding drivers Deonica Pannel and Israel Lugo Jr., 42, on West 25th Street in Cleveland, Ohio
    6 days 10 hours ago
    There was no justice in this case for my uncle John. Deonica pannell received probation for part in this .
  • In: Jason Wayne Hall and Eric David Maull killed in car collision at South Holden Road and Frazier Road in Greensboro, North Carolina
    1 week 11 hours ago

    Jason Hall took the life  of Eric Maull and his on. He choose to be irresponsible and drive a car while under the influence no one made him get behind the wheel of that car. No matter how you look at it you can't glorify death by vehicular manslaughter it is what it is. Jason was no saint and he loved to party. He was wrong and to post negative things about the Maull Family is just WRONG. The individuals in that choose to ride in the car with him should take responsibility as well if he was your BOY and you clearly knew he was under the influence why let him drive, why get in the car with him?????? Because you too are irresponsible and don't want to take reponsibility for your actions. If I was the wife I would press charges against each individual that was in the car because at some point and time as adult you have to be held accountable for your actions. That hospital scene was a mess what about the wife of Eric Maull his family as he lie dying in a hospital bed not surrounded by his loved ones in his final moments but you a bunch of idiots outside and in the hospital yelling and crying over a man who just took the life of an innocent person. Shame On You.....and Let this be Lesson....Grow Up be a Leader Not a Follower,,,and FYI candle light vigil's are held for those who were victims of sensless UNSOLVED MURDERS....Jason killed Jason and Jason killed Eric. Do the research.

  • In: Somerville Officer Louis Remigio, 55, dies after allegedly racing car hits motorcycle on I-95 in North Hampton, New Hampshire
    1 week 15 hours ago

    I left Swampscott MA that morning headed North on 95. Ten or fifteen minutes into the drive I was passed by three cars going quite fast. I just remember the second car was a small fairly new white car. Wish I had more.


  • In: Gavin Ivey, Todd Richard Goetaski, and Justin Tyler McGee, all 16, killed in car crash on Baltimore Road in Advance, North Carolina
    1 week 1 day ago

    My best friend is suffering because of this! One of the guys that died was her really good guy friend and she hasnt talked to anyone since it happened.


  • In: Seth Fairbanks, 29, and Anthony Hooper, 23, killed after small-plane crash in waters of Knik Arm near Anchorage, Alaska
    1 week 6 days ago
    We are going through a tragedy here in Las Vegas and were just watching the pisode of the yukon men and seen that seth the pilot had passed and that saddened and shocked, I'm sorry to hear that happened to such a young and talented person his family is in our prayers.
  • In: Erin Van Horn, 40, Zach Van Horn, 10, Beck Kitterman, 11, and Lizzie Edwards, 13, killed in collision involving semi truck on I-35 near Purcell, Oklahoma
    1 week 6 days ago

    Distracted by what?

    OHP can't or won't tell us what the "distraction" was...howver, let's look at a couple of facts: (1) on the day of the accident, that stretch of I-35 was clear and flat for a couple of miles (2) there was an exit just before where the semi had stopped (3) there were no visable skid marks to indicate Erin braked or tried to swerve.

    I'm not a betting man, but were I, my money says she was texting on her cellphone at the time of impact.

    Condolences to the family and friends of the kids involved in this horrible (and likely, preventable) accident.


    Oh, and isabella, what do you mean "are in a better place"? These poor victims were alive at one time and enjoyed the love of their parents and friends...THAT was a better place for them to be. Tragically, no more.

  • In: Kendell W. Vanduisen, 36, killed in motorcycle crash on Interstate 5 near Bellingham, Washington
    2 weeks 1 day ago
    Kendell was my best friend of 10 yrs. When he died a part of me died with him, I can't imagine my life without him in it anymore. I love you kendell and I miss you so much RIP HOMIE
  • In: Justin Dewayne Williams, 28, Kristie Renee Hood, 37, and Billy Adam Cox, 42, killed in collision on U.S. Highway 72 in Paint Rock, Alabama
    2 weeks 4 days ago


  • In: Erica Sewell, 43, killed in pedestrian collision on Gulf City Road in Ruskin, Florida
    2 weeks 4 days ago

    God bless & comfort Erica's 2 young daughter's during this most difficult time.  Our hearts are broken of hearing of the loss of this beautiful lady, earlier today.   Erica was our daughter, Meagan's Sunday School teacher and Awana Leader for the past 6 -7 years and we grew to love her.  Meagan adored her and Erica loved Meagan, as well as all of the members in her classes.  They all loved her so much.  Erica had a smile that lit up a room... Always smiling and laughing... Just a very special lady.  We will miss her terribly.  The only silver lining is that we know she is with our Lord & Savior now, in Heaven.   We mourn her passing.

  • In: Kendell W. Vanduisen, 36, killed in motorcycle crash on Interstate 5 near Bellingham, Washington
    2 weeks 4 days ago
    This young man is my 1st Cousin....He will be missed but NEVER forgotten! Don't take life for granite. Enjoy every moment with your loved ones. Could be the last time you ever see them again. Prayers to our family & friends close to Kendell.
  • Comment: drunk bear
    In: Drunk bear breaks into car, joyrides, crashes...poops
    2 weeks 5 days ago

    it's really good to read a story not about someone killing someone, insulting someone, or something else negative.  it's not exactly a positive story for the poor unfortunate car owner.  (really hope the owner's insurance covered this claim),  but for me i needed this gave us a bit of a laugh  about the bear not the poor car or it's owner,  to me this is a positive story.  thanks for sharing.  my heart goes out to the owner of the car.  



  • In: Jake H. Hemrick, 26, and Michelle M. Crowe, 24, killed and 3 people injured in collision with semi truck on Interstate 57 near Manteno, Illinois
    2 weeks 6 days ago

    Jake....a truly beautiful human being.  Loved by many.  Taken too soon.