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  • In: Terra McCarty, 39, killed in two-vehicle collision on Louisiana 139 at Rowland Road in Monroe, Louisiana
    1 day 2 hours ago
    Now what do I do??? My wife is gone and I don't know how to keep going.
  • Comment: Tyler Bowman
    In: Austin car accidents cause more injury, death, and economic loss than any other crime or civic issue
    1 day 3 hours ago

    I am trying to find a report concerning my cousin's car accident.

  • In: Accident Data Center's Favorite, Safest, Eco-Friendliest Child Car Seat
    2 days 16 hours ago

    Hi Jane,

    Found my way here by way on searching fit of foonf to jetta. I see your husband fits a foonf rf and he is 6'1"? My husband is 5'10" and upon trying to install, we are struggling to get a good fit. We are toying with the center seat (only one little kid to worry about so far). Any tips on fitting the foonf rf behind the driver (our preferred spot for no blind spots).  Thanks!!! Dawn




  • In: Texting while driving isn't illegal in Texas
    3 days 1 hour ago
    Why is it legal in Texas? Have they talked to the mother's ,brother ,fathers friends and orphan children left behind ? Of the victims of texting and driving? Maybe sombody is making money by keeping it legal What can we do as a community to help this be iligal and a crime
  • In: What is bodily injury liability insurance coverage, and why do you need it?
    3 days 1 hour ago

    Had someone I know get named in a law suit in California by someone involved in an accident. He bumped someone's bumper, and that car sped off and hit two cars. The driver of the second car filed a suit several months later, claiming more than the amount that the insurance company "covered." Sometimes, especially with young drivers, it is better to have too much coverage and not need it, that not having enough and come out of pocket if a case goes to court.  

  • In: Texting while driving isn't illegal in Texas
    3 days 4 hours ago

    I'd like to share this great news story about distracted driving from our local TV station here in North Charleston, SC - Live 5 News. Even though South Carolina’s texting and driving law was passed in June 2014, it's still far from ideal. Reporter Carter Coyle collected great data and put an amazing story together. It may serve as good reference to this current legal scenario in Texas. The story can be found at We also have some useful information about distracted driving on our website, and in case anybody wants to check it out for additional research, it can be found here.

  • In: Marissa Nicole Vargas, 23, killed in collision with semi truck on Interstate 35 in San Antonio, Texas
    3 days 22 hours ago

     At first the family was overwhelmed but they raise money with a big barbecue outside of the store and they raised a lot of money and they had a go fund me The only thing they were overwhelmed with what's her death 

  • In: Shaylee Boling, 14, and Shuanna Arredondo-Boling killed, Elexus Groves, 21, and Paul Garcia, 24, arrested in collision involving stolen vehicle at Copper and Chelwood in Albuquerque, New Mexico
    4 days 21 hours ago

    The fence at 12700 copper needs to brought to code.  It should only be 3 feet tall.  Was a contributing factor in this horrific car wreck. 

  • In: Dana Wilson and Ryan Menk, both 18, killed in head-on crash with alleged drunk driver on Highway 74 in Lumberton, North Carolina
    6 days 23 hours ago

    Thank you for your kind words. As Ryan's mother four family  is heartbroken over the loss of our son Ryan and the love of his life Dana. It is our hope that the judicial process will continue to hold Broderick Jones accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

  • In: Dilbar Noory, 19, killed in 3-car crash on Lee Chapel Road and Fairfax County Parkway in Burke, Virginia
    1 week 1 day ago

    Hi, I am an old friend of Dilbar's mom and we lost contact. I was wondering if you could help me reach her. Thank you. 

  • In: Vannessa Anderson, 33, and Donny Barlow, 36, killed and several injured in rollover crash on Interstate 90 near Missoula, Montana
    1 week 2 days ago

    The man who caused the wreck was drunk, on probation for beating up on children and was not supposed to be drinking.  SHAME ON HIM.   He deserves to go to prison for a very long time..He hangs out in Seeley Lake and is worthless, lazy and drunk most of the time.  A bum. Both he and his twin brother physically fight at the drop of a hat.  SO SAD!! 



  • In: Brittany Blankenship, 26, killed and two injured in collision with semi truck on State Highway 75 South in Albertville, Alabama
    1 week 2 days ago

    The was hit the one north bowl car south bound car was not involved with truck

  • In: Phoebe Lester, 16, killed; 2 teens injured in crash on E Orchard Rd with suspected drunk driver Christopher Tetley, 24, in Arapahoe County, Colorado
    1 week 3 days ago

    Mr. Tetley deserves the maximum punishment.  He is unfit to ever drive again.  I hope for a very lengthy prison sentence.

  • Comment: This was my son
    In: Pedestrian dies after being struck at Coors Blvd SW and Sage SW in Albuquerque, New Mexico
    1 week 3 days ago

    This was my son

  • In: James Ross and Skyler Davis killed in crash between semi truck and SUV on Interstate 71 in Franklin County, Ohio
    1 week 4 days ago

    The accident was on Sunday, July 30, not Saturday, July 29. 

  • In: Todd Stevenson, 47, killed in motorcycle crash on May 10 on U.S. 24.
    1 week 4 days ago

    I am looking for my biological father who goes by this name. Do you know if this man is originally from Victoria BC Canada?

  • In: Massachusetts drunk driving suspect crashes car with lizard in her bra
    1 week 6 days ago

    Do you ever wonder why women smile for their mug shots? Because they know that the cops, the courts, the judges, district attorneys, prosecutors, and juries are all easy on women criminals.

  • In: Allen Babb, 58, dies in crash with semi on K-2 in Barber County, Kansas
    2 weeks 2 days ago

    he was 58 and it was around 12:30 p.m

  • In: Norman Roberts, 32, and George Martinez dead, 3 injured in 2-car collision on Chase Avenue and Homer Street in Waterbury, Connecticut
    2 weeks 2 days ago
    I want to give my prayers and condolences to the Norman Roberts family, they took him really really too soon, I feel he has so much more to do in life at the age of 32 is nearly enough years on this Earth and I'm so sorry for the loss may he sleep in peace and rest with the angels
  • In: Pedestrian Jesse Earl Simpson, 42, killed in intentional collision with alleged driver Eric Lively, 45, at Debbie Lane and Eileen Road in Shelter Cove, California
    2 weeks 4 days ago

    THESE REPEAT CRIMES OF VIOLENT TEMPER BEHAVIOR FROM PEOPLE THAT NOT JUST CANT LIVE A NORMAL LIFE IN SOCIATY . IT'S BAD ENOUGH THEY Can't control there anger ,but they use a 2 ton Truck to mowdown a innocent family pet and  a human being down twice  one he missed one he killed  and repeatedly ran over him go wash your tires and come back , this man needs to be locked up and throw away the key !!