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How do insurance policies relate to pedestrian accidents?

How do insurance policies relate to pedestrian accidents?

After an accident, an injured pedestrian is typically covered under their health and disability insurance policies. If the accident happened on the job, worker's compensation coverage should also apply. And if the pedestrian does carry car insurance, that policy may provide coverage as well.

Coverage under Auto Liability Insurance

An injured pedestrian can usually file a claim against the driver's, or the vehicle owner's, auto liability insurance policy. Most states require that vehicle owners carry liability insurance to provide coverage for any personal injuries and damages to third-parties. The amount of coverage can depend on where fault is placed for the accident, and on the statutes of the state where the crash occurred.

Coverage under Personal-Injury-Protection (PIP) Policies:

Many states require insurance companies to offer PIP coverage, in which the insurance company pays for medical expenses and lost wages of the policy holder, up to the dollar amount of the policy, regardless of who was at fault in the collision.

Since state laws vary greatly regarding insurance regulations, and the each policy has specific requirements, it is important for a seriously injured pedestrian to get information from an experienced personal injury attorney, rather than tackling a complicated insurance claim alone.