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What should you do after a pedestrian accident?

What should you do after a pedestrian accident?

Pedestrian accidents are surprisingly common, and frequently result in serious or fatal injuries, since pedestrians have no protection from the force of a collision with a large, heavy vehicle. Even in a low-speed crash, the pedestrian is uniquely vulnerable to injury and death.

Immediately after a pedestrian accident, it is important to do the following things:

  • Get any injured people to a safe place, if possible. While it is important not to try to move an injured person prior to the arrival of emergency personnel, it is also important that the injured person be safe from moving vehicles and other hazards.

  • Make sure someone calls 911 and provides detailed information on the collision and the location of the injured party;

  • If necessary, administer CPR, but do not try to administer medical treatment beyond what is required of you in an emergency.

  • Try to keep the injured pedestrian calm and still until medical help arrives;

  • Provide any information to police or any law enforcement personnel on the scene.

In the days and weeks after a serious pedestrian injury, it is crucial to do the following:

  • Seek appropriate medical attention for any injuries – many people avoid getting the medical attention they need, for fear of being stuck with large medical bills. But it is crucial for the recovery of the injured person, and the strength of any insurance claim, that injuries be treated and documented by a medical doctor.

  • Communicate with the insurance companies of the involved parties, to exchange information and begin the insurance claims process.

  • Document the events of the accident including injuries and damaged property.

In the event of significant injuries, or worse, a fatal collision, it is critical to get the help of an experienced personal injury or wrongful death attorney, who can handle all aspects of the insurance claim while the injured person, or their family members left behind, can begin recovering emotionally and financially from the accident.