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Chelsea Lawson, 29, and Natasha Siegel, 6, killed and Aaron Siegel, 40, critically injured after tire blowout causes SUV to roll on I-40 near Santa Rosa, New Mexico

Modified Date: 
Tue, 05/12/2015 - 4:06pm
Accident Date: 
Sunday, March 8, 2015

2 killed, 1 critically injured in overnight crash

A tire blow-out caused a fatal crash on I-40 west of Santa Rosa overnight. 

New Mexico State Police: 2 Californians killed in I-40 wreck

According to State Police, he was wearing his seatbelt but was critically injured and airlifted to an Albuquerque hospital.

How to Safely Handle a Tire Blowout

Blowing a tire can be scary, and resisting the urge to do something can be hard, but practice makes perfect — so we put our students to the test.

Why Blowouts Happen—and How to Avoid Them

In the heat of summer vacation season, tires are more prone to fail. We explain the main factors that lead to a blowout. (Coming soon: Part Two, what to do when a blowout happens to you.)

GoFundMe: Emergency funds for Lawson/Siegel's

This is an emergency fund for the logistics associated with the tragic and sudden death of Chelsea Lawson and her 6 yr old daughter Natasha Siegel, any money not used specifically for the transport, funeral expense or memorial will go to Aaron Siegel who at this time is in an induced coma with critical injuries.
According to police, a 1997 Ford Explorer driven by Aaron Siegel of Scotts Valley, California, was eastbound on I-40 near mile marker 248 when a tire blew, causing the vehicle to veer into the median and roll over at about 1 a.m. Two passengers, Chelsea Lawson, 29, and Natasha Siegel, 6, also of Scotts Valley, were ejected from the vehicle and killed. Neither passenger was wearing a seat belt. Aaron Siegel, who was wearing his seat belt, was airlifted to UNM Hospital with critical injuries. 
Type: Car Accident
People Involved: 
Chelsea Lawson
Natasha Siegel
Aaron Siegel
Interstate 40


My dear friends I'm so lost over this

this is horrible news!!! Poor Aaron! May his beautiful wife and precious adorable little girl REST IN PEACE forever. I am so so sorry.?

Poor aaron? My poor cousin and her poor baby

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Losing anyone is so traumatic but knowing that a new tire and seat belts could have made a difference is even more difficult.

That was a little backhanded. It was a bad combo. Firestone tires are notorious for blowing out, and Ford explorers are known to roll after a blowout. A lot of ppl unbuckle to sleep on very long road trips. It could happen to anyone. I know Aaron. He is not at fault. He did nothing wrong. God bless him in his healing/grieving process.

Never forget you Chelsea R.I.P.

Praying for both sides of the family during this heartbreaking tragedy.

please donate if you can

Hi, Leonor. I've added the GoFundMe link to the main post. We at Accident Data Center are sorry for your loss.

Thanks, Leonor, for setting up the fund. I donated on behalf of myself, by boys: Aidan, Evan and Ryan- Bo Cleveland's sons.

My condolences to both families

Oh my god Aaron, I'm sitting at the Valero on Ocean St. crying, I can't believe this... I have no words. This is beyond horrible... I am so so so sorry for your loss Aaron. If you need anything, please let me know. If I can't help, I'll try to find someone who can... You have my number, or msg me on FB. :'(

Oh my god lost for words . So sorry to you guys . You will always be loved and missed . Aaron please pull through brother every one out here will keep you in there prayers

this is indeed tragic news and Im praying for the family but.. Who in God's name doesn't make sure their child's buckled in? prayers to this family for their loss..

Fine if you want to offer condolences. ...but keep your bs comments to yourself

yes....maybe the girls wanted to lay downto sleep....who hasn't done that. Do not put blame on anyone. So not right in this matter. They were great parents.

thank you, obviously you knew me Chelsea well. I'm reading all this for the first time, my life has been a whirlwind nonstop for over 5 years. WTF, who are these clowns. I need to deal with some of these peple face to fuckin face.

This is such a tragedy! I think it's reasonable question to ask why the 6 year old wasn't buckled in. Always make sure you & your child are buckled in!

Hey kook cc. Shut your mouth.

Maybe you've never unbuckled yourself on a long journey across the country at 1 a.m. in the morning. Good for you. I know that if I'm traveling hundreds of miles away and I've been in the car all day and I want to sleep, I have unbuckled my seat belt to get comfy and try and sleep. Losing my friends this way, I can guarantee you that I will never do that again. But, shit happens. They aren't coming back. There are a lot of woulda coulda shouldas. I wish they were wearing their belts. But, who knows if that would have made a difference in the outcome. I know it would have greatly increased their chances, but who really knows. I'm not God. I don't know. Please please take this chance to educate yourself, your kids, and your friends. Don't condemn this family. He currently has to be told repeatedly that his wife and child are dead. It's not computing. Over and over again he has to re-live the fact that they are gone. This is a truly horrible accident.

People act like they are so perfect. Chelsea and her daughter are terribly missed and our friend Aaron is suffering, not only with all his major injuries, he lost the love of his life and his baby girl. I have had to take my seat belt off. I know I have driven off without my seat belt. This was a tragic accident. It could happen to anyone. I am in shock . I will miss Chelz and I am so sorry to Aaron and Chelz family.

Prayers going out.Thus won't be easy.Please have faith. God bless you all.

Let's not be so quick to offer judgement; none of us appear to know the specific details of the circumstances.
Chelsea Lawson was a beautiful young woman who loved her daughter more than anything. I personally can vouch for this. Chelsea and I spent a lot of time together as teenagers, and had kept in touch over the years.
Can we please keep the judgemental comments off of this page, as grieving friends and family are reading these comments? Please have some respect.

This is so incredibly sad. They were trying to get away to begin anew. My heart goes out to their loved ones and I will help anyway I can. Aaron, be strong.....Oh god....friends and know he's gonna lose it if he awakes....please be there for him. Im scared for him. Love you all!!!!

Two beautiful girls taken way too soon. The road for healing hasn't even begun for Aaron. My prayers are with the families. May they rest in peace and Aaron have a speedy healthy recovery... So tragic.

I am speechless......I can't believe these 2 beautiful souls are gone.....My heart feel such a sadness for Aaron, Anita and Dean......and for all of us that have had the GREAT pleasure to know, love and be graced with knowing Chelsea and Natasha........

I'm so saddened by this news. Dean, hang in there. You've lost too many too soon. Chelsea, I will miss you forever. Such a beautiful, bright spirited woman.

Hey, took over 5 years for me to actually sit down and read all this. TO those who actually KNOW THE TRUTH and know who I was as a father, thank you. TO the rest, let me know where youre at, I dont give a fuck....

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