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Jonathan M. Cottrel, 18, killed in single-vehicle car crash on Highway 232 in Dover, Tennessee

Modified Date: 
Thu, 04/20/2017 - 9:52am
Accident Date: 
Friday, November 25, 2016

Police Identify Fatal Stewart Co. Crash Victim

The report stated that Cottrel was driving northbound on highway 232 and failed to negotiate the curve to the left.

The car left the road on the right side and traveled down a small embankment. 

Type: Car Accident
People Involved: 
Jonathan M. Cottrel
Cydney Jahnke
Highway 232
Dover, TN


This is not what the cops told his family. There were 4 people in the car. Johnaton, his guy friend amd two girls. Johnathons guy friend was the one who was driving and took the curve to fast. Hit a tree and threw johnathon from the truck and the truck rolled.

The truck or any vehicle always comes back to kill you when you are not seat belted in, exactly why they have them

How many of these have to happen before people wake up and realize the culture of raising their youngsters are the primary fault here. Lets get off the ole "back in the day" mentality and start to teach our young people that life is too precious to waste away on stupidity. Speed, no seatbelts, drugs and or alcohol (maybe), the time of morning, I mean really just give them a gun and play Russian roulette.

I did raise my child to wear his seatbelt. Unfortunately kids do not always listen and that bad decision he made cost him his life. The time of the morning well before you start making judgements find out all the facts about why he was out. Maybe just maybe he was on his way to his mother because her brother had just died. It's not my fault my son died so please don't insinuate that it was

I gotta couple things I'd like to say to you.. first off you needa keep anything about my brother or the crash outta your mouth.. how me n him were rasied has absolutely nothing to do with what happened that night.. btw you do know his father did play "russian roulette" and killed himself in 2013, you got some kinda sick humor,,, even I don't get down like that... Last thing I got to say, if you gonna try n trash talk a dead person, or his family, don't be hiding behind a bs name. You had the balls to type it up, then grow the pair to say it to my face.!!.

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