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Self-Driving Vehicle

Self-driving vehicles are undeniably the way of the future. Some experts estimate that within 15 years, the majority of the cars on the road will be fully autonomous, requiring no human backup driver. While many people find the possibility of driverless vehicles scary, statistics tell us that removing humans from the driving equation will only result in far-safer roads for everyone. When 94% of of the 1.2 million driving deaths each year are caused by human error, it is a moral imperative to take driving out of the hands - literally - of people. 

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DeepScale raises $3 million for perception AI to make self-driving cars safe

The major barrier to getting self-driving cars on the road is making sure that they're safer than human drivers, but perception technology still has a long way to go. Today's news out of California takes the world a step closer to realizing that goal with tech startup DeepScale raising $3 million in funding to develop more accurate perception in autonomous vehicles. 

Tesla Autopilot senses crash before it happens, automatically stops car (VIDEO)

My fervent wish for humanity is to rid the world of human drivers. So I guess you could say that my fervent wish for humanity is to be replaced with robots (Westworld was a heartfelt romantic comedy, right?). My hopes and dreams gleamed a little bit brighter today when I saw this video of Tesla Autopilot in action on a highway in The Netherlands. 

Watch a Tesla Model S drive itself through rush hour traffic (VIDEO)

Many of us are too poor to have to own a Tesla Model S, or our rich friends are too electric car-averse, so we'll never know how cool the Teslas's autopilot feature is because we have to settle for borrowed McLarens. Until now! The folks at Slow News Day have a rich friend who does like electric cars, so they filmed themselves driving (and not driving) a Tesla Model S through Birmingham rush hour for our enjoyment.