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Spinal injury

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My Neck, My Back: Epidural Steroid Injections

The violence of any motor vehicle collision can often cause serious neck and back injuries such as protrusions or herniations. When this occurs, injured parties will often visit an orthopedist or pain management doctor who will recommend a series of ESI’s which will provide pain relief and reduce swelling in and around the damaged discs and corresponding nerve roots. 

Back Pain—The Personal Injury Claim

The harm can be temporary or long lasting. Dollars start to add up no matter how serious the initial injury. Getting around and getting medical care is only part of the expenses for which you’ll need to be reimbursed. Learn more here about back injury claims in California.

Herniated Disc FAQ’s

These are generally people who believe that they will get a fair deal from the insurance company for the costs they have endured because of the harm. Then there are other people who believe the symptoms they experience from the injury will be short in duration and they will go back to their normal activities.

In both of these instances it usually does not work out the way these individuals believe that it will. Learn more here about herniated discs after a California car accident, and what you need to consider moving forward.