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Some Crash Injuries Never Go Away

One thing about car crashes is some people harmed never get over the injuries. While they may not need to continuous treatment for decades, the damage can be deadly.

Car Accidents And Not Guns Increasing Yearly Fatalities and Reducing the U.S. Life Expectancy

The National Center for Health Statistics found Americans die with about an average of two years earlier than people from other countries like Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain, the U.K, and Japan. Women’s average lifespan in the U.S. is 81.2 years, while in other countries it is an average of 83 years. Another thing found the U.S. has thousands more fatal traffic crashes than other countries.

Serious lumbar fractures from car accidents

When a fracture of the spine bones takes place, there are wide ranging symptoms. Also, these can affect the suffering individual in many ways. The severity of the break can determine how much pressure gets placed on the spinal cord. So some breaks are mildly painful, and others feel much worse.