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Phoenix - The largest state capital and hottest city in the US

Not only is Phoenix the largest state capital in the country, but it ranks 6th on the list of most populous cities as well. One of the hottest city's main draws is surprisingly its climate; Phoenix boasts more annual sunshine than any other major metropolitan area in the country, and has incredibly pleasant winters that usually only have 1 day below freezing per year. On the other hand, some may be dissuaded by the scorching triple-digit summer temperatures are the standard for about four months of the year. 

Major Phoenix Roadways

  • I-10, cuts through the center of Phoenix and leads to Los Angeles, CA to the west, and Tuscon to the southeast.
  • I-17, starts in Phoenix and leads north directly to Flagstaff.
  • State Route 101, circles most of the city of Phoenix
  • U.S. Route 60, passes through Phoenix and continues east across the southern states

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After a serious crash, it is crucial to get help from a great Phoenix personal injury attorney who understands the legal standards and practices, who knows how insurance policies function, and who can handle all aspects of an insurance claim so the injured person can focus on recovery. If someone is killed due to the negligence of someone else, a Phoenix wrongful death lawyer can launch a claim that will begin the process of financial recovery for the family members left behind. Learn more here about what a Phoenix injury attorney can do to help.

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