About Us

Accident Data Center was created to help people who have been affected by accidents find information, resources, and community connections. Our main goal is to be the most comprehensive, no-cost online resource for the many related topics and a network of organizations surrounding accidents, including the safety, transportation, insurance, legal, medical, and social aspects of accidents.

The site creator, Andrew Shaffer, is a software programmer with deep experience in online local news media and innovative website structure. In his past work in the legal field, he realized that there was no good online resource with up-to-date data about a recent accident, to get quality information on what to do once an accident happens, and to connect with family, friends, and organizations that provide support and assistance for accident victims. Thus, Accident Data Center was born.

While there are amazing resources on the web about all aspects of accidents and their prevention, there has not been a single website that organizes and adds context to these resources. The types of organizations that touch on accidents are extremely varied including local media, federal, state and local government, legal, non-profit, and community organizations. Some of these organizations involved with accidents are well-funded, and others, especially the helping and support organizations, operate mainly on volunteer efforts.

Accident Data Center partners with the best of these organizations to help connect people with answers and resources. We are building and maintaining Accident Data Center through sponsorship by well-funded organizations, and provide tools and connections to other partners without charging them fees.

One benefit we offer to victims of accidents, and their families and friends, is the ability to communicate with each other, to offer each other information and support, in a place accessible to everyone. Unlike social media platforms that involve passwords, pre-established connections, and other restrictions, Accident Data Center is the one place where people can come again and again to get updates, find information and resources, and help each other through the difficult days, weeks, and months after an accident.

One resource that people often need is a personal injury or wrongful death attorney. When an accident happens, victims and their families need to ask questions and locate experienced legal help. The attorneys we partner answer questions about victim rights and options, about insurance claims, and about the legal issues related to accidents.

Since these attorneys can benefit from forming a new relationship with an accident victim, Accident Data Center is able to subsidize the construction and maintenance of the site from fees from these attorneys. We are selective about the law firms we work with, and we rely on these partners in each area of the country to help connect with the communities that they serve. Partner firms contribute informational articles and help us make relationships with local organizations; we help our partners connect with their communities to help more people, and through this help to gain new clients.

Most recent accident reports

Wednesday, July 10, 2024
Highway 24
Falcon, CO
Type: Car Accident