Special Circumstances

Every collision is unique, but there are common factors that create hazards and cause crashes on America's roadways

Given the millions of motor-vehicle crashes that happen in the U.S. every year, and the many government agencies and other organizations that study them, it is clear that there are common factors that result in most serious or fatal accidents. Here at Accident Data Center, we try to categorize the collisions we report on, so that our visitors to the site will be able to not only find the information they seek but also learn more about the patterns and factors that affect collisions.

The most common factors in serious accidents are also preventable

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that motor vehicle crashes have a $871 billion economic and societal Impact on U.S. citizens annually, nearly $900 for each person living in the United States.This extraordinarily high number illustrates the toll that crashes is taking on our nation’s people and economy. The NHTSA study found that drunk driving, speeding, distracted driving, and lack of seatbelt usage were the major causes of injuries and deaths in motor-vehicle crashes. It is our hope that with more public education, these dangerous behaviors can be eradicated to make our roadways significantly safer for all.

Any visitor seeking to read about collisions that involve some of the most common causes of crashes can click on any of the links to the right. Anyone who has been involved in an accident that was related to one of these special circumstances can read about other crashes with similar factors. 

Anyone who has been injured in a serious collision and wants to learn about their rights and options should talk with an experienced injury attorney who can provide information and assess a potential claim. An initial consultation is typically free, and there are no up-front costs or fees associated with hiring a personal injury lawyer. Make sure your rights are protected everyone.

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