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10 Best Gifts for the New Teen Driver

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Have a new teen driver in your life? Then we’ve got a great list that gives them the gift of increased safety, and you, their parent, the gift of peace of mind. Just kidding! I am not a doctor and cannot prescribe you Xanax. Good luck with that!

Man fights speeding ticket by claiming officer clocked running deer, not his car

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I'm starting to think that my plan to get away with shoplifting by blaming it on my 6-month-old baby might be less than iron-clad.

The Newburyport Daily News reports that after being caught speeding in November, Haverhill man Dennis Sayers attempted to fight the $105 ticket by claiming that the officer who clocked him going 40 mph in 30 mph zone was actually reading a deer:

Tostitos 'Party Safe' bag doubles as a breathalyzer - but not really, so don't use it for that

Just in time for the Super Bowl, Tostitos is releasing a limited-edition "Party Safe" bag that can detect if you have alcohol on your breath when you blow into the bag. If a light at the bottom of the bag turns green, no alcohol is detected, but keep in mind that it's a chip bag. If the bag does detect alcohol, the light flashes red and displays a "don’t drink and drive" message along the bottom.

Accident Data Center's Favorite, Safest, Eco-Friendliest Child Car Seat

When you're a new mom or dad, buying a car seat for your baby is a Big Deal. When you read and write about fatal car crashes all day long, buying a child safety car seat is an Existential Crisis. But, you'll be glad to know that I survived my quest to find a seat I feel great about putting my toddler in. In the interest of saving you some time and anguish, I will now reveal Accident Data Center's favorite child safety car seat on the market.