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Minnesota man with valid driver's license arrested for 28th DWI

A common argument against the widespread adoption of driverless technology is that the cars can be hacked. Perhaps these people should consider the possibility of hacking versus the fact that chronic drunk driving offenders are free to stay on the roads, imperiling - and often killing - innocent people every single day in this country.

Drunk bear breaks into car, joyrides, crashes...poops

A drunk bear in Colorado broke into a Subaru last week and wasn't content with simply trashing the car like a normal bear. No, this bear also crashed the car into a mailbox before using it as a bathroom. 

Ron Cornelisu, neighbor of the unfortunate car owner, told the Durango Herald that he heard a commotion at 5 a.m. one day.

"Usually, I don’t get up at 5 o’clock unless there is a bear driving a car down the street."

Out-of-control truck comes out of nowhere (VIDEO)

Here's another reason to never, ever, ever text and drive, even if you're one of those idiots who claims to be "good at it"—you never know when a semi-truck's brakes will fail and it'll come barreling the wrong way down the shoulder. 

Thankfully, this video is in a language I can't identify, so I'm not putting a language warning on it. I would imagine there are some swears in it, though.



Man in 'Drunk Lives Matter' shirt arrested for DUI in Newville, Pennsylvania

Earlier today, police in Newville, Pennsylvania posted to their Facebook page about this American hero: 44-year-old Elwood R. Gutshall III, who on March 19th was arrested for DUI after committing "several" traffic violations. While some people are content to showcase their character through actions alone, and some people worry about being too on-the-nose, Gutshall wasn't afraid to just be a straight-up jackass complete with visual aid by wearing a "Drunk Lives Matter" t-shirt at the time of the incident.