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Out-of-control truck comes out of nowhere (VIDEO)

Here's another reason to never, ever, ever text and drive, even if you're one of those idiots who claims to be "good at it"—you never know when a semi-truck's brakes will fail and it'll come barreling the wrong way down the shoulder. 

Thankfully, this video is in a language I can't identify, so I'm not putting a language warning on it. I would imagine there are some swears in it, though.



Man in 'Drunk Lives Matter' shirt arrested for DUI in Newville, Pennsylvania

Earlier today, police in Newville, Pennsylvania posted to their Facebook page about this American hero: 44-year-old Elwood R. Gutshall III, who on March 19th was arrested for DUI after committing "several" traffic violations. While some people are content to showcase their character through actions alone, and some people worry about being too on-the-nose, Gutshall wasn't afraid to just be a straight-up jackass complete with visual aid by wearing a "Drunk Lives Matter" t-shirt at the time of the incident.

10 Best Gifts for the New Teen Driver

Copyright: piksel / 123RF Stock Photo


Have a new teen driver in your life? Then we’ve got a great list that gives them the gift of increased safety, and you, their parent, the gift of peace of mind. Just kidding! I am not a doctor and cannot prescribe you Xanax. Good luck with that!