Personal Injury Law

What is personal injury law?

Personal injury law involves injury which is caused accidentally, not intentionally, by another’s failure to use reasonable care. This type of law covers situations in which a person’s body, mind, or emotions are hurt, usually due to someone else’s negligence or carelessness. It includes wrongful death and situations where an injury results in a fatality.

How do liability and negligence relate to an insurance claim?

A person may be liable for the injury due to negligent or reckless action. The resulting injury must have been caused by the at-fault party, and must have been a foreseeable result of the at-fault party’s negligent action. So even if someone who commits a negligent action didn't intend for someone to get injured, that negligent party may still be the defendant in a personal injury claim.

What types of personal injury claims are most common?

Types of personal injury lawsuits often arise from automobile, bicycle, pedestrian, boating, aircraft, commercial trucking, and other kinds of vehicle accidents. Personal injury claims can also arise from medical malpractice, defective products, and slip-and-fall claims.

Why do people hire injury attorneys?

A successful personal injury claim may recover monetary funds for medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, emotional pain and suffering, burial costs, and other financial costs that result from the injury. Typically, a personal injury lawyer is hired to oversee the claim, to let an injured person focus on healing without the stress of dealing with the legal side of the accident. Injury lawyers typically offer a no-cost consultation, so there is no downside to speaking with a lawyer about your potential claim.



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Lexington, KY

Sue for Emotional Distress: Everything You Need to Know

The term emotional distress in Kentucky personal injury law refers to someone’s mental suffering due to another party’s negligent or intentional acts. It can lead to psychological and emotional trauma, and you will need strong evidence to convince a court of the severity and duration of your emotional harm. Learn more here...

San Antonio, TX

Questions to Ask Your Attorney

When you or someone you know is injured, you will have a lot of uncertainty to make a lot of decisions very quickly. You should always seek immediate medical attention for any injuries and also seek the assistance of a qualified legal personal injury attorney.

Central Texas

What Is Included in a Free Consultation with a Lawyer?

If you were injured in an accident and are considering hiring a lawyer to help you seek compensation from the other party, you’ve likely noticed that most injury attorneys offer free consultations. You’re likely wondering “What does a free consultation entail?” and “Is it really free?

Lexington, KY


Generally, a party whose negligence has led to another’s injury may be held financially responsible for the injured party’s losses. The injured person may sue the negligent party and demand compensation for the costs and losses associated with the injury. Learn more here...

Lexington, KY


Bodily injury liability insurance should pay when the policyholder causes a wreck and is responsible for another party’s injuries. However, insurance companies will try to settle a claim for the lowest amount possible. Learn more here...

St. Louis, MO

$1,000,000 Verdict for Man Injured in T-Bone Crash

The insurance company did not want to pay full value for the claim.  Most people don’t realize, but insurance companies never fairly deal with people that are injured and filing claims.  They hire lawyers to blame the injured person or say everything was pre-existing. 

St. Louis, MO

Lawyers for Personal Injury Litigation

The attorneys of Sumner Law Group, LLC, represent accident victims and their families in personal injury cases across Missouri and Illinois. With over 50 years of combined experience, the firm’s lawyers focus on pursuing exceptional results for clients with no upfront costs or fees.