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The Core of Accident Data Center is our partnerships with a growing network of organizations dedicated to helping accident victims, to preventing accidents, and to improving safety.

The business model of The Accident Data Center is based on the concept of a collaborative partnership between the site and the regional and national organizations that focus on issues, topics, and services related to accidents. We seek to build relationships with quality organizations that can provide helpful information and services to our site visitors, many of whom are dealing with the difficult aftermath of a serious or fatal accident. We help connect accident victims and their families and friends to these accident-related groups. We seek no fees from our partnerships with these organizations.

Our goal is to provide a location to offer valuable information related to their services and mission, to support the needs of the high volume of site visitors, and to engage in the crucial conversations that happen around these topics.

Accident Data Center is funded mainly by fees collected from personal injury attorneys who serve as our partners in providing legal information to an audience that needs their assistance. We only work with firms who have demonstrated their commitment to their communities, and who are willing to work hard to contribute to the quality of the site content while supporting the unique needs of our unique audience. We try to minimize the limits we place on our partner organizations in their ability to publish their content through our site. Our mission is to bring the entire community of organizations together in one high-quality place that is easily accessible for visitors, with a goal of delivering comprehensive assistance to anyone affected by an accident.

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