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When an accident happens, injured people and their families need help of all kinds

Immediately after a serious crash, life can become overwhelming. Initially, injuries need to be evaluated and treated. Injured people often must miss work as they heal, and must deal with doctor appointments and growing medical bills. 

Insurance companies get involved immediately after a crash

Many people are surprised to learn that immediately after an accident, insurance adjusters from both sides get involved, to obtain information and statements, to try to coordinate vehicle repair or replacement, and to pressure injured people to settle a claim. For less serious accidents, it is possible to handle your own insurance claim without legal assistance. But when injuries are serious, or when the fault for the crash is disputed, a personal injury attorney is needed.

What your personal injury attorney will do

If you've never been in an accident before and you need information about insurance claims, learn more below, including:

Why an initial legal consultation is important;

What the statute of limitations is, and why it matters;

What types of personal injury claims can be handled without a lawyer;

How long a personal injury claim takes to complete;

What compensation is available in a car accident legal claim;

Tips for choosing a personal injury attorney.

Accidents are difficult to deal with - get help when you need it

Dealing with the aftermath of a serious collision is a difficult experience. It is important to do everything possible to recover physically, emotionally, and financially. There are many resources available to help in this recovery.




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How Social Media Can Impact a Crash Claim

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