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  • Comment: What happend
    In: Orange County car accidents cause more injury, death, and economic loss than any other crime or civic issue
    15 hours 9 min ago

    I would love to know of who killed my sister that person should be arrasted

  • In: Terry Tyson, 39, killed after her vehicle spins out, hits wall, and catches fire on Mableton Parkway in Mableton, Georgia
    2 days 1 hour ago

    I'm her twin sister and I miss her so very much 

  • In: Donald Charlesworth Jr. 63, and Donald Charlesworth III, 26, killed when vehicle driven by hit-and-run driver strikes disabled vehicles on shoulder of I-80 in North Highlands, California
    1 week 2 days ago

    Don and his son were a delightful pair of business men who knew their job as professional home gutter experts. My wife and I were shocked to learn of their demise at the hands of a hit and run driver. Don was quite a character as he could make one laugh easily. His son was quite efficient in carrying out his fathers orders in setting the rain gutter exactly in the right position, and going up a two story ladder to fix our upper second story gutter.

    Those of us who had the opportunity to talk to Don will miss his friendly and well verse communication style. I spoke with his wife Dixie and learned of the tragedy demise. All we can do for her is pray for her husband and son now missing from her life.

  • In: Wendy Marlene Moya-Mendez, 37, killed and two people injured in collision on SC-161 near Rock Hill, South Carolina
    2 weeks 5 days ago

    Angel , I lost my Mom as a child, something you never get over but over time you growstronger in her memories you shared. She is there in Spiritual form , Praying God send you Comfort,Happiness & Peace. God Bless?????

  • In: Lisa Ann Smith, 43, killed and 29-year-old driver injured in single-vehicle car accident at intersection of Hines Road and Blossom View Drive in Olney, MD
    3 weeks 2 days ago

    i finely found my moms case ive been serchinh for so long ty



  • In: Barbara A. Gilmer, 71, and Dwight M. Gilmer, 74, killed and one injured in collision on U.S. Route 460 in Giles County, Virginia
    3 weeks 2 days ago

    Amy Gilmer is my landlord

  • In: Barbara A. Gilmer, 71, and Dwight M. Gilmer, 74, killed and one injured in collision on U.S. Route 460 in Giles County, Virginia
    3 weeks 2 days ago

    Was this a relative of Amy R Gilmer of Pembroke?

  • Comment: Why?
    In: Minnesota man with valid driver's license arrested for 28th DWI
    3 weeks 5 days ago

    It seems that the writer is more concerned about this drunk man's mobility than the safety of others.

    Here's an idea !    Lock. This. Guy. UP. Forever.  Period.

    The issues surrounding driverless vehicles are a completely separate debate.

  • In: Ryan Gaven Gray, 19, killed and Scott Bennett Jones, 21, Ashlyn Summer Putman, 16, and Brooke Ciera King, 17, injured in late-night one-car accident in Florence, Alabama
    4 weeks 23 hours ago

    Scott should have gone to jail for a long time 

  • Comment: Thank you Trace!
    In: Woman bitten 3 times by copperhead snake at Virginia restaurant
    4 weeks 1 day ago

    Thank you for your replies to every ridiculous comment on this thread.  Good grief... the ignorance is frightening in this world.

  • In: Wendy Marlene Moya-Mendez, 37, killed and two people injured in collision on SC-161 near Rock Hill, South Carolina
    1 month 1 day ago

    that wass my mom


  • In: Baby dies after taking 'natural' cold medicine, Seattle mother sues manufacturer
    1 month 1 day ago

    First, beware of anyone offering medical advice who cannot spell "acetaminophen."

    Second, simply because something claims to be "all natural" does not make it safe. Botulism, too, is "all natural." 

    Belladonna is a homeopathic anticholinergic derived from a plant known as Deadly Nightshade. Don't trust homeopathic dilutions and just don't give it to kids. 

  • In: Clarissa Murphy killed in rear-end collision on I-65 in Chickasaw, Alabama
    1 month 2 days ago

    still praying for the family of sister clarissa murphy , I  was her pastor at the time of her death. she always talked to me about her life and whatever was on her heart she was real and shared her heart with all in church. Love her for being real with God!! --God Bless !!

  • In: Greg Mosely and Cary Gertie killed in crash following police pursuit on Highway 86 near Elizabeth, Colorado
    1 month 1 week ago

    You are all focused on the wrong thing. Both Adm and Greg left behind families. Instead of trying to trash someone that is already gone why don't you remember Greg, no he wasn't perfect by any means but he still left behind a family and kids. Adam was many things but perfect isn't one either. He left behind a family and his girlfriend. 

    In a time like this why don't grow up and realize that trashing someone after they died will not do anything except make you look stupid and childish. 

  • In: Bobby Ray Kendrick, 37, dead after being ejected from his pickup truck on U.S. 17 in Palatka, Florida
    1 month 1 week ago

    I  pulled up to intersection wondering what was going oni saw people looking and one man taking video with carmera i saw them drawing backand thensaw man rolling over and over  i was trying to acess what to do i wanted to park rite there jump out and run to him but i would have blocked traffic and just as i was goinbg to jump out i heard the sirens approach and decided i would be more of a hindrance and so thinking  he would get help i prayed and thought i will visit inhospital but when i started to find out his name on internet iI SAW HE HAD PASSEDE .  I AM SORRY I DID NOT GO WITH MY GUT AND GET OUT AND HUG HIM OR CALM HIM DOWN  I CAN NOT GET HIM OUT OF MY MIND PRAYING FOR FAMILY  HE IS WITH THE LORD AND WE WILL SEE HIM AT THE GATHERING 


  • In: Delilah Garcia Garibay, 17, dead after rollover crash on State Route 74 in Perris, California
    1 month 1 week ago

    Yes I am very sorry about the loss for Delilah but I knew her she was always so sweet, kind, and helpful she sometimes helped me with homework. I'm here friend and I was talking to this one girl how talk to people who passed. I told her Delilah's name and right away she saw her. She had a lot to say. She said to tell you that she loved you guys and she passed the day before my birthday continuing what she said is she misses you and that she will wait for you to come anyways prayers and hope 

  • In: Woman bitten 3 times by copperhead snake at Virginia restaurant
    1 month 2 weeks ago

    If sandals are not shoes, why are they sold as the main summer footwear in shoe stores?  As for flip flops, mine are orthodic and I wear them everywhere, even church if they go with my outfit.  The only place I feel shoes that ENCLOSE the foot should be required are work job sites, while  doing lawn work, hiking and amusement park rides.


  • In: Steven Dennis critically injured in hit-and-run pedestrian crash on Carriage Drive in Citrus Heights, California - police seek public's help
    1 month 2 weeks ago

    Did the driver ever get found?  I use to live by where this happened and I remember driving down streets trying to find the car.  I have little memory of what kind of car it was, but I remember the story.  Whole communities don't forget things like that.  Too bad the driving has gotten worse around there.

  • In: Woman bitten 3 times by copperhead snake at Virginia restaurant
    1 month 2 weeks ago

    Okay, guys...first of all...she was not romping around in a field or in the woods, she was walking into the FOYER of a restaurant. I've lived all over the US, including where Copperheads and several types of Rattlesnakes are common, and never once have I anticipated a venomous snake to be in a restaurant. The restroom out at the lake, under a pile of rocks or sticks or leaf litter...yes. In a steakhouse? Nope. 

    Secondly, I very much doubt anyone brought the Copperhead into the restaurant for funsies. Nobody with an ounce of self-preservation is going to be carting around a venomous snake in their pocket or bare hands, even if it's a neonate. People who handle snakes use snake hooks, or escape-proof plastic cases, which would've been very obvious to the restaurant staff and everyone entering or leaving the premises. 

    Thirdly, most of the time, snakes don't bite through shoes, unless they're extremely thin canvas or mesh or something of that nature. I've had a Pygmy Rattlesnake I failed to see strike my hiking boot  around the top side of the arch of my foot (just regular boot, not reinforced or anything) and it literally got its fangs stuck, but they didn't go through all the way and get me. He got the hatchet shortly after, since there wasn't a safe way to remove him from my boot, or remove my boot from my foot without chancing him wriggling loose and striking bare skin.

    Also, the thing about neonate snakes' bites being worse is a total load of bull. They're smaller than an adult snake, but their venom is no stronger, so even if they were to completely empty their venom sacs (which they don't do; they're born with the instinct to only use as much venom as absolutely necessary) it would still be a lesser venom yield than the bite of an adult snake.

    Lastly, snakes are experts at getting into places. They can almost flatten themselves to go under cracks in doors, and have even been known to go into uncovered pipe access or cracks in septic tanks and storm drains. Especially if you live in an older house or a rural area and there are venomous snakes native to your area at all, don't discount them chasing a mouse or juicy bug up the drain of your bathtub, sink, or toilet. 

    Newer construction tends to have additional failsafes to (hopefully) prevent that sort of thing from happening via one-way venting and things of that nature, but if your house was constructed prior to about 2010, don't count on those being in place and its best to always turn on the lights before sitting on the throne or stepping into the shower.

  • In: Misty Lynn Vandenburgh, 29, killed, and three people injured in single-car crash on I-57 in Champaign County, Illinois
    1 month 2 weeks ago

    My heart. God Bless you both, and Autumn too.