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  • In: Orlando, Daytona Beach, and Melbourne motorcycle collisions are a serious safety risk for the many riders in the region
    1 day 6 hours ago

    On July 4, 2022 on the intersection of Wickham Road & Pineda Causeway directly beside the Wawa gas station at approximately 10:00 or 10:30 PM I drove by a downed motorcycle laying in the straight lane heading towards 7'11 and CVS towards exit to I95. No one nor first responders were on scene , no traffic was present Utube a person in a security uniform was walking towards the downed motorcycle. I did not stop as I had a very strange vibe due to the odd senecio but continued down Wickham Rd towards Suntree. Unable to locate anything regarding this online & would very much appreciate any information regarding. Thank you.

  • In: Brody R. Phillips, 23, and Vernice E. Rayvon, 63, killed in head-on tractor-trailer collision on Highway 220 near Casper, Wyoming
    2 days 4 hours ago

    Update : Philips was in fact in drugs when he killed my father!! Trucking companies need to hold their drivers more accountable for stuff like this. My dads life was worth more than any amount ever covered the fact of testing employees should be done regularly my dad was always proud of that

  • In: Robert C. Bonee, 38, killed, one other seriously injured, taken to hospital, after two-car crash on Middle Road in Jeffersonville, Indiana
    1 week 2 days ago
    This is to who ever the detetives was investagateing this death of Robert bonee I have known Robert for over 14 years I read this I'm first to tell who ever the detetives was I have by going back this man was a straight laced responsible Loveing single father raising working his ass off devoteing his life working non stop this man work long hours to support his kids this man refused to accept goverment aid he wanted his two sons to have the dream he couldn't have he was one of the most responsible people I ever new at the time of my dear friends death I was not round had lost contact with my friend it wasn't till a month ago when hunting him down that I learn of his death an IV learn based on research an hearing a x girlfriend MELLISSA aull witch is my xwife twenty years ago this woman there nothing at all good about her being so serious an it not the xs dogging happy hr eighter I say this is you track her history abuse to pain pills Been kick out every pain management center still some how this sick bitch escapes justice now I BELEAVE what I was told because this lady told my girlfriend that her boy friend 80 yearold mother who had all timers this be the mother of the boyfriend who also is a sick minded predator an this man name is Steven howl fry the boyfriend who won a 5 million dollar law suit settlement in 2007 yellow cab vs Steven fry Steven howl fry his injury lawyers no better this boils down to one group of greedy money hungry crazy people includeing injury lawyers of total 3 An a private adult health day care who has seal there wrongful actions an sanctions they had been shut down in bullitt county KY in past was order they may not any longer reopen in KY so they change there BUSSNESS name relocated to Louisville KY Donna Rogers head manager an theif explotter takeing only repeated disadvantage of Steven howl fry see Steven howl fry in 2020 sold some of his trust fund from predentual an met life hidden in trust funds because in 2014 Steven fry MELLISSA aull John decammilis Robert Mattley agree to do fav for each other see here the deal they made only the lawyer in Louisville injury law John decammilis an x lmpd cop Robert Mattley ok f course yet gain deals made John DECAMMILIS was such a peace of shit he needed to play off the inside connect Robert Mattley had as former lmpd why Robert could provide cover inside by his friends lmpd see an did just that before John took Steven fry case see Steven fry after being hit in 2006 by yellow cab now Steven fry new life long close very close friend who did as we hear him brag how he above the law see saying he has a assit Jefferson county deputy chief corner who has in past handles any trouble he has been in this trigger me to start investagateing this man back ground I was seeing a different guy than I met in Steven fry was starting to not look like the act he had fool me with a very smart man who no when to play the act perfect to sell poor me iv been done wrong all my life come to find everything he said other did to him in fact he was the attacker this Steven fry is a sex predator his x girlfriend who does not even never had met me talk to me at all in any way he said she lie on him piror to Steven howl fry comeing into our family Steven fry x girlfriend pam broke up with him only after over year he had been molisting her child we was told pam best his ass threw him out broke up with him an press crimanal child sex abuse on him he was being investagated not sure where that went all I no when he met mellissa aull he was running hideing from lmpd sex crimes detetives an he never did face charges on that some how he dodge it we think Jefferson county assist cheif Joann farmer pull yet more favs for him only way some one doing crime like this could escape justice but since then Steve fry here in Louisville him an his sick girlfriend MELLISSA aull who allow Steven fry mother age 80 with all timers now MELLISSA let Steven howl fry mom fill up his girlfriend in the shower in the presence of Steve fry to just show just how big of a threat mind set this asshole who has gotten inside protection by his cut ideal free access to Steven howl fry's trust funds see John DECAMMILIS Robert Mattley x lmpd fire cop yes facts but injury lawyer John decammilis now made deal he seen. His partner rob in hard times John DECAMMILIS repeated history an if I see it we no the Louisville justice system new it come on enough covering it over I fig it out see John decammilis had plans he needed rob help his tied in connect to provide cover every body no it no SECERET lmpd dirty I hope some one see this because victims are being taken illegal adavange of by these Punks for injury lawyers Robert John dek decided to hide behind they didn't want there names on any records ok while they cut in deal with Steven fry an to insure Steve would never change hid mind John decammilis insured there deal to make sure Steven fry never gave him up by installing fear into
  • In: Eric Pilgrim, 48, and John Blount, 48, dead, Thomas Rodriguez, 32, rescued after boat flips off coast of Dania Beach, Florida
    1 week 5 days ago

    Lookimg for family Eric Pilgrim. If you can help me please send an email ,com

  • In: Walt Meziere and Joe Livingston die in small-plane crash near Quinlan in Hunt County, Texas
    2 weeks 14 hours ago

    What went wrong is a preflight wasn't done on plane before taking off.  ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS do a preflight, pilots!!!  PLEASE!!!  The plane's carburetor and engine were almost rusted in to because of water sitting in them for so long.  Sloppy pilot that took the life of someone that was loved by so many.

  • Comment: Wow-just wow
    In: Woman bitten 3 times by copperhead snake at Virginia restaurant
    2 weeks 1 day ago

    This is by far the most disgusting comment I have ever read. Nice job blaming the victim. I hope you don't experience non-care and no empathy that you obviously can't extend toward others. 

  • In: Motorcyclist Shaun Thomas, 38, dies after crash with pickup on Atlanta Highway in Montgomery, Alabama
    2 weeks 4 days ago

    Hey sun it's me chocolate, I miss you so much I wish you were so you could beat these goonies up . I did like you asked me to do , tell your so called wife about us I haven't been able to reach her. Everyday I wish you had stayed with me that night I'm sorry babe. I made a pillow with your face on it also 🥴 we had a lovely five years sneaking and Geeking in arth bed remember lol ttyl I love you papa bear 

  • In: Good Samaritan rescues man from sinking vehicle at the Waukegan Yacht Club in Waukegan, Illinois
    2 weeks 5 days ago

    The Good Samaritan was David W. Shaw.

    While others watched the car sinking , David took action .

  • In: Richard Williams, 44, killed in semi-truck crash on Interstate 10 in Gadsden County, Florida
    3 weeks 1 day ago

    Good Morning,

    I trying to see if the driver was charged,  also if there was anything given for restiution concerning his death on her behalf? If not is there a contact person over this accident I might be able to ask. My cell number is 251-581-2688

    Thanks in advance!

  • In: Joshua Karl Reynolds, 33, killed in pedestrian collision with alleged hit-and-run driver Kenneth Lee Kelly, 37, on Birch Bay-Lynden Road in Birch Bay, Washington
    3 weeks 2 days ago

    It's been 5 years since my Son was taken from me and it still hurts like it was yesterday... Does it ever get easier???

  • In: Dusty Chilcher, 42, dies in motorcycle crash with car on Baseline Road in Mesa, California
    3 weeks 4 days ago

     He was my dad and you I was only 10 years old when he died and now I have slipped into depression I love you dad I miss you  and today I am going into high school now 

  • In: James Paul Wells, 45, killed, and Jane Elizabeth Dietz, 51, and Rick Dunning, 58, injured in head-on collision on Keystone Road in Tarpon Springs, Florida
    3 weeks 5 days ago

    James Paul Wells was my father along with my older brother, Dustin Wells. After our father died the whole family fell apart. Rick Dunning the man who killed my father fled the scene. This man was never charged with DUI or Vehicular Manslaughter. I wake up every morning with no father to talk to or do things with. I know many kids may not have parents but Mr. Dunning was never charged for anything he committed. As James Wells' son I wish nothing more but for Mr. Dunning to do the years he deserves.

  • In: Pedestrian Carlos Moody, 37, killed in intentional collision with driver Jeremy “Mousey” Garcia, 30, at Third Street and I-40 in Albuquerque, New Mexico
    3 weeks 5 days ago

    He was a good father to me and my my sisters and his son I will never for get he I will love hem for allway

  • In: David Christopher McAllister and Edward McAllister, both 29, killed in single-vehicle crash into utility pole off of Billy Farrow Highway and Carolina Avenue in Hartsville, South Carolina
    3 weeks 6 days ago

    The day my uncle david died he came by the houes to hook up our first wi-fi system me not knowing that november 15 was going to be my last time seeing him in the rest of my how many days months or years that im go b livin life that man was my entire heart i wrote this thursday june 9th 2022 6:38 pm and till this day i still cry over that tragic car accident that took away my uncles life and my happniess REST IN PEACE MY KING 💔💔💔i miss you so much 🥺💔ill b home really soon .

  • In: Devon Baxley, 24, killed after being hit by car on I-285 West in Sandy Springs, Georgia
    4 weeks 16 hours ago
    I hope you've found something. It was unreal. Still think about him from time to time.
  • In: Devon Baxley, 24, killed after being hit by car on I-285 West in Sandy Springs, Georgia
    4 weeks 16 hours ago
    Devon still comes to my mind to this day.
  • In: Shaylen Wright, 24, seriously injured when ski boat strikes her during tubing accident on Stockton Lake east of Arcola, Missouri
    4 weeks 1 day ago

    Our accident was due to renting a broken boat that brought us into what is called The Circle of Death as our lawyers proved

  • In: Cheryl Vanwettering, 37, killed and three people injured in crash involving motor home reported at Highway 46/Highway 41 Cholame "Y" near Shandon, California
    1 month 1 day ago

    That was me 5 years ago I lost my mom my best friend and my life changed forever I don't know why I'm making a comment or even looking at this frank is ok everyone is ok in the savala group 

  • In: Melvin Anthony Taylor, 57, killed in crash with alleged wrong-way driver Chaz Halston Thames, 30, on Dallas North Tollway in Dallas, Texas
    1 month 6 days ago

    I can't believe it. I really don't Understand What I just read from Google search last Night. This happened Back in Oct. 2019 & Now Were here 2022 Just a few years ago. This is sad I Had Relationship with Melvin and Family. While Living in Honolulu Hawaii. I also Was Melvin Taylor's  late son Melvin Taylor Jr. Respite Worker Sending Love Prayers to Wife Renee Taylor & Family. Lorenzo Jones 



  • In: Courtney Ahles, 18, killed when car driven by Christopher Davis-Bunt, 20, strikes tree outside of New Market, Virginia
    1 month 1 week ago

    I am so sorry for the loss of your sister. That sudden loss feels like literally a hard kick to the chest. I lost my sister in 2011, she was texting and ran off the road. Just get thru one day at a time. I promise it will not hurt this bad forever. Big hug to you