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  • In: Cathy M. Smith killed and Ray L. Smith, 45, injured after ATV rollover on Sibley Road in Sulphur Springs, Arkansas
    1 min 54 sec ago
    This report is WRONG. Ray was NOT the driver, Cathy was driving. The accident was witnessed by their son.
  • Comment: so sad 
    In: Michael Lloyd Eggleston, 58, dead and his 14-year-old son, 7 others injured after car is rear-ended and then hit by oncoming vehicle on Anderson Highway in Powhatan, Virginia
    1 day 15 hours ago

    so sad 

  • In: Stephinie Diane Tegeder, 21, and Derrick Lee Brinkley, 33, die in motorcycle crash in Gainesville, Georgia
    3 days 18 hours ago
    Derek was my roommate at maryville College. Just in total disbelief when I heard this happened. couodnt find a better dude. So sorry man.
  • In: Jaclyn D’Azzena, 36, Antonio Burks, 44, and one person killed in crash on U.S. 12 near County Line Road in Lake County, Indiana
    5 days 7 hours ago

    Why was this article not been properly written ? It's D'azzena not D'accena. And Jackie & Fonso are thought about and truly missed every single day. We lost 2 great people way to early. 

  • In: Eleven hospitalized after collision involving three vehicles on Highway 544 at Fetlock Drive in Red Hill, South Carolina
    6 days 4 hours ago

    People please slow down. The lady that caused the accident was driving recklessly. She was charged with a felony, and I just learned the person who caused the wreck passed away.  She hit my best friend in this accident. 

  • In: Adriana Barajas, 24, killed in single-vehicle crash at Turnbull Canyon Road and Vallecito Drive in Hacienda Heights, California
    1 week 1 day ago
    Rest in Paradise Adriana. I just found out nd I'm in such disbelief. My condolences to ur kids nd da rest of ur family.
  • In: Lauren Starcevich, Michael Durmeier, and Georgia Durmeier dead following two-vehicle collision involving suspected DUI driver Tyler Kennedy, 32, on U.S. 95 near Beatty, Nevada
    1 week 2 days ago

    Georgia was by best friend. She loved to play softball (Best shortstop ever!!)and I miss her so much! I wish she was still here. She had spunky ness she was bright and kind. She loved being called tomato queen. We all love and miss her! 

  • Comment: omg sad
    In: Two sent to hospital following helicopter crash on County Road 514 near New Brockton, Alabama
    1 week 3 days ago

    omg sad

  • Comment: Uhok
    In: Baby dies after taking 'natural' cold medicine, Seattle mother sues manufacturer
    1 week 3 days ago


  • In: Brady Marrett, 25, critically injured in a moped crash on Lower Huntington Road in Fort Wayne, Indiana
    1 week 5 days ago

    This is insane, this is my dad! I have no words other than questions and weather I would ask or not. 

  • In: Belinda Gordon killed in collision with truck on FM 359 near Fulshear, Texas
    1 week 5 days ago
    Belinda barley was my first cousin she left behind two boyes.its very sad. And a whole lots of scared to drive down 359 they needs traffic lights...
  • In: Hugh Moyes, 19, killed, two airlifted, and five others hospitalized after head-on collision on Highway 95 in Malheur County, Oregon
    1 week 6 days ago
    The passengers in Dunns car was my daughter and 4 grandkids and one of them was a baby
  • In: Micki Nolan, 3, and Glendora Holmes, 49, killed in wrong-way crash on US 521 in Georgetown County, South Carolina
    2 weeks 1 hour ago
    Stop worrying about the phone call and place the blame where it most likely lies: the signs on US 521 leading up to/around the bypass near Andrews are GROSSLY misleading, especially at night (it literally looks like you are about to get on a parallel part of the highway going in the same direction). On top of that, if I recall correctly it was very foggy that morning (for some reason the media left that part out...). This could have happened either way...
  • Comment: thats my uncle
    In: Francisco Javier Perez, 31, killed and 2 injured in SUV rollover on State Route 52 in Santee, California
    2 weeks 1 day ago
    thats my uncle
  • In: Garret Lass, 27, found dead in overturned car in creek near Opossum Creek Road in Fayette County, West Virginia
    2 weeks 1 day ago
    He was from wood county, he was killed in fayette county.
  • In: Ashley Burnham, 37, killed in pedestrian collision on San Diego (405) Freeway in Inglewood, California
    2 weeks 3 days ago

    Please, please people!! We are human beings out here!! We are your neighbors, your brothers and sisters your daughters. For God sake please stop taking things at face value. Take a minute, you'll see. I have been houseless for 4 years I at the LAX area. Ashly lived at my old spot on what we call the Island. I stayed there for two years wIting for housing to no avail. I moved off after getting hit and thank God only broke 3 ribs. But I found it to be the only SAFE PLACE for a female who is homeless in this area. My heart is broken for all the Ashlys who have not seen the end of this nightmare. All we need is housing people!!! My god a roof, a safe place where we can actually close our eyes. This is a disgusting shamefully wrongful death. Ashly was a BEAUTIFUL, VIBRANT young lady with such to offer this world. Not a throwaway!! What does it take??!!When I visited back east 10 years ago they had this problem licked. Tiny house communities were going up with the help of the client everywhere.Now just barely coming to L.A. !! REALLY!! WHERES THE WORST HOMELESS EPIDEMIC??? L.A. and they are moving on this like snails
    In the meantime this nightmare continues. Every night. I know most of the females and gentlemen unfortunate enough to be houseless at this time. A million reasons, a million people. Take action now!! Not to.orrow. dont place it on someone's desk.People are dying out here. Please, it sickens me to know that so many answers are available temporary or permanent but none are seen through.I survived two years on " the island" and am still out here. Ashly never should have had to resort to this to be safe. It's a CRIME. I paid into this system for more than 30 years and certainly did not expect to be here now. Open your eyes people!! Stop talking and build!!!! Tiny houses 6000 eachmost unhoused would be more than willing to work off.!! Just ask!!! Ashly Burnham was another casualty of a system STUCK !!! GOD BLESS HER AND ALL THE OTHERS WEVE UNESSECESARILY LOST.


  • In: One person killed in crash on San Bernardino (10) Freeway in San Dimas, California
    2 weeks 4 days ago
    I believe this was the accident that I saw this morning going to Ontario. I saw several people stop to help, so I continued on. I did not realize that the truck caught on fire and the individual was killed. This was a horrible tragedy and I feel so bad for this man's family. May God comfort them during their time of mourning.
  • Comment: I'm the victim
    In: Man in critical condition, Michelle Rivera, 32, arrested for DUI, after a two car crash in westbound I-40 in Albuquerque.
    2 weeks 4 days ago
    I'm the victim
  • In: Olivia M. DeMeuse, 26, killed after run over by allegedly intoxicated pizza delivery driver at Mainstreet and 15th Avenue South in Hopkins, Minnesota
    2 weeks 5 days ago

    Some defective manager allowed this drug infested idiot to deliver pizzas.  What is the pizza company? Is it Pizza Hut or Dominos or another one? If anyone knows please give the people of Hopkins the name. It needs to be boycotted ASAP.

  • In: Deterrius Minor, 23, and Devin Jones Jr., 22, killed, and one injured in crash on Lenox Road in Buckhead area of Atlanta, Georgia
    2 weeks 6 days ago
    I am the mother of Devin Jones Jr. No one has called me as of yet. My son was killed on scene on ths 9th of April and his birthdate was the 14th of April. I had to find out on FB that my son was deceased. I called every hospital in Atlanta and no one knew anything of my son. I then called the coroner's office and was told that they had his body and that I couldn't come to view his remains because they have no viewing area. I still have yet to be contacted by anyone regarding what happened or anything. I am distraught. He was my oldest of two children and my only son. He also has a 3 yr old son that asks for him every day. This is not right.