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Rockford, Illinois - The Forest City, known for its rivers, gardens, and many cultural venues

Rockford is the third largest city in Illinois, and the largest city in Illinois outside of the Chicago metropolitan area. It is the county seat of Winnebago County and is located on both banks of the Rock River in far northern Illinois. According to 2010 census data, the City of Rockford had a population of 152,871. 

Referred to as the Forest City, Rockford is known for various venues of cultural or historical significance, including Anderson Japanese GardensKlehm Arboretum, the Coronado Theatre, and the Burpee Museum of Natural History. Its contributions to music are noted in the Mendelssohn Club, the oldest music club in the nation.

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Major Freeways

Rockford is linked by highway to Chicago, Illinois; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Madison, Wisconsin; and Dubuque, Iowa. In recent decades, the city's location has worked to its advantage in attracting jobs in the logistics and transportation industries. Public transportation in the city is provided by the Rockford Mass Transit District (RMTD); however, public transit infrastructure in Rockford is not at the level of comparably sized communities.

U.S. Route 20: U.S. Route 20 goes through Rockford twice. The original highway is now an east-west business route (State Street) that divides the city to the north and south. Rockford also marks the point where U.S. 20 and Interstate 90 no longer parallel each other In 1965, a US 20 bypass around the southern end of the city was completed, joining the Northwest Tollway near Cherry Valley. The bypass, known as "Bypass 20", joins State Street west of the city near the village of Winnebago, Illinois. East of Interstate 90, U.S. 20 is a 4-lane divided highway parallelling I-90. From the west, U.S. 20 provides a link to Freeport, Galena, and Dubuque, Iowa. However, much of the highway west of Freeport is a winding two-lane road that discourages truck traffic.

Interstate 39 and U.S. Route 51: Interstate 39 serves as a replacement for U.S. 51 south of the city. Starting from the U.S. 20 bypass, the highway directly links Rockford to Bloomington and Normal, Illinois. Its construction allowed better access to Chicago from the south via Interstate 80 and Interstate 88, also allowing for a bypass around the city of Chicago to Wisconsin. U.S. Route 51 overlaps Interstate 39 throughout the Rockford area.

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Swedish American Hospital;

OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center;

Rockford Memorial Hospital.

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