Micki Nolan, 3, and Glendora Holmes, 49, killed in wrong-way crash on US 521 in Georgetown County, South Carolina

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Sun, 09/27/2020 - 8:22am
Accident Date: 
Thursday, September 10, 2020

Crash involving wrong-way driver kills 2 in Georgetown County

Master Trooper Brian Lee with the South Carolina Highway Patrol said a 2000 Ford Expedition was traveling west in the eastbound lane of US 521, the wrong way, when they struck a 2010 Cadillac Escalade traveling east.

Two families heartbroken following fatal crash in Georgetown County

As both families deal with immeasurable loss, their loved ones have set up GoFundMe pages to help with any financial burden. You can find Holmes’s page here, and the Nolan Family’s page here.

Fundraiser - The Nolan Family

Whatever you can give to support this family will help. Every dollar will go to supply to their needs in this season, medically, at home, etc. 

Fundraiser - Glendora's Family

Every dollar given will go directly to them to help with school (she has 2 daughters in College), bills, or whatever they may be in need of.

Family of Costa Mesa High football coach Jimmy Nolan involved in deadly car crash

The wife of Costa Mesa High School football coach Jimmy Nolan and three of their children were involved in a deadly traffic crash early Thursday morning in South Carolina, Nolan said in a Facebook post.

Update: Wife of Costa Mesa coach undergoes stomach surgery

Nolan wrote on his Facebook page his wife Taran underwent stomach surgery at Grand Strand Hospital in Myrtle Beach where she and their children Jimmy and Daisy are recovering.

Micki Nolan Death : 3-year-old Micki Nolan killed in deadly crash – GoFundMe

The family are yet to make public the obituary and funeral arrangements.

Community Comes Together To Support Former Lakewood Football Coach Jimmy Nolan

The accident has brought together a community that was touched by the Nolan family over years of being involved with Southern California high school football.

Nolan son back in hospital for stomach surgery

Nolan wrote on Facebook on Sunday that middle daughter Daisy “is doing well” since being released. Son Jimmy had to return to the hospital for stomach surgery.

GoFundMe started for former Ute Jimmy Nolan following car accident

As of 8:30 p.m. MST, the GoFundMe page had raised just south of $84,000, and was asking for $250,000.

Type: Car Accident
People Involved: 
Micki Nolan
Glendora Holmes
Taran Nolan
Jimmy Nolan
Daisy Nolan
US 521


  It looks like the most probable explanation for the crash is that Taran Nolan's car drifted into the wrong lane on the 521 Business Route about a mile south of Andrews, S.C.    The sign that designated two way traffic was very small, and among several other signs.   She had come off a divided highway and into the business route where the two lanes are in opposite directions.   Glendora Holmes could have come from a junction that would have required her to turn left onto the Andrews business route in the same direction as Taran.   But if she had missed the original exit to the South 521, back a half mile from the west, then she could have figured she could turn sharply right onto the southbound lane of the 521 business route.  That would have put both cars onto the same lane in opposite directions.   California would have had many cement barriers to prevent this.

It looks like the most, was Mrs. Nolan was on the phone and wasn't paying atention. Phones should be outlawed in any vehicle unless it is hands free. That is the bottom line, she was to busy talking with her husband. All of the other cars that day and many days before and after have not had a head on with one car in the wrong lane.

"All of the other cars" were not likely from California and driving at 5am. Don't blame the phone call. Regardless of the cause, it's a tragedy for both families. 

All the more reason NOT to be on the phone. Should have been focused on driving. Either way, what a horrible tragedy. 

Stop worrying about the phone call and place the blame where it most likely lies: the signs on US 521 leading up to/around the bypass near Andrews are GROSSLY misleading, especially at night (it literally looks like you are about to get on a parallel part of the highway going in the same direction). On top of that, if I recall correctly it was very foggy that morning (for some reason the media left that part out...). This could have happened either way...

This accident was extremely tragic on so many levels. Sounds like signage could be better. But agree that Mrs. Nolan shouldn't have been on the phone.  ESPECIALLY if it was early morning/dark  she was from out of state and unfamiliar with the roads, and weather was foggy. At that point,  it is the responsibility of a safe driver to pull over until conditions are safe. NOT add further distractions by talking on the phone. As another poster stated, cars travel that road all the time. Likely in all sorts of condition. And they don't have head-on collisions. Prayers to both families for this accident. 

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