Woman frees up hands for texting by driving with feet (PHOTO)

Woman uses to feet to drive

I don't know why this woman is trying this hard to make me mad when I DON'T EVEN KNOW HER. 

In photos submitted to WPVI in Philadelphia, a woman is seen not letting pesky ol' driving get in the way of not driving. Instead of even pretending to drive like a pretend-responsible human being, she has her feet up on the steering wheel, eyes - and hands! - focused entirely on the non-task of screwing around on her phone. Somebody please arrest her. 


well send the pic to police with will show you the lack of concern for us animals in the world. or if some how your cars were to make comtact after the pic or vidio was made hoppfule durring. you should win a judge ment and the animals get throuwn in the meet grinderr of a jokducal system to get there just due.lol

You live in America??? LEARN HOW TO SPELL YOU IDIOT

Looks to me as if she is parked

Really? She wouldn't be able to drive if her feet were on the steering wheel. I don't know in any car I've heard of or seen the gas and break is on the floor...in rare cases for someone handicapped or other it's on the steering wheel but come on...so either she is parked or driving the only way she physically can

Doesnt matter as long as keys are ignition and car moving driver still can not text. She still breaking the law and proving she is a idiot

We have hit the mission critical stage as far as distrcged driving.  It would be comical if it was not sad.  I am trying to decide which is worse, this or drunk driving.  They are both bad decisions, but people knowingly text while driving a 3000 pound vehicle.


She could have on cruise control

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