County Government Organizations

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Spokane, WA

Spokane County Victim/Witness Unit

The Victim/Witness Unit was established by the Spokane County Prosecuting Attorney's Office to assist victims and witnesses through the criminal justice process. The Spokane County Prosecuting Attorney recognizes that recovering from crime takes time and that victims and witnesses deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Many victims and witnesses have never been involved in the criminal justice process and do not know what to expect.
Seattle-Tacoma, WA

Snohomish County Medical Examiner

The primary purpose of the Snohomish County Medical Examiner's Office is to determine the cause and manner of death which are of concern to the public's health, safety, and welfare. The Medical Examiner is a physician and forensic pathologist who is authorized by state statute to investigate sudden, unexpected, violent, suspicious, or unnatural deaths of persons who die within the geographical boundaries of Snohomish County.
Portland, OR

Skamania County Coroner

The Prosecuting Attorney also acts as the County Coroner.  All attorneys in the office are both Deputy Prosecutors as well as Deputy Coroners.  In small counties, the Office of County Coroner is combined with the Prosecuting Attorney.  The Coroner is responsible for investigating and certifying the cause of death in those cases where death is sudden, unexpected or the result of an accident or unlawful means.  This work is accomplished by coordinating with the Sheriff, local doctors and medical staff, hospice workers, pathologists, regional medical examiners, investigators, family members and next of kin.
Seattle-Tacoma, WA

Skagit County Coroner

The Coroner is an Elected Official with the responsibility for determining the Cause and Manner of Death of all persons who pass within the jurisdictional boundaries of Skagit County. The Coroner or his/her Deputies are required to adhere to the Revised Code of Washington (RCW Titles 36.24 & 68.50) for determining if a case is a jurisdictional death that would require a more thorough and in-depth investigation.
Seattle-Tacoma, WA

Pierce County Medical Examiner

The Medical Examiner's Office operates by the authority of the laws of the State of Washington, for the purpose of making a determination of the cause and manner of death. The outcome of the work of the Medical Examiner is knowledge concerning deaths that are of forensic concern, which is knowledge needed to see that justice is done, public safety is improved, and public health is protected.

Lincoln County Victim and Witness Services

Defendants convicted in Lincoln County are ordered to pay a fee that helps fund a crime victim program with the prosecuting attorney’s office. This program assists the attorneys with victims and witnesses for hearings and trials and preparing documentation for court.  Program support provides assistance in applying for victim's compensation, determining restitution in adult and juvenile felony cases, providing case status information to victims and educating victims and witnesses about the criminal justice system, as well as acting as a referral resource for other agencies.

Jefferson County Department of Public Works

Public Works manages 399 miles of county roadway and a 7.3-mile multi-use path called the Larry Scott Memorial Trail. Duties include maintaining county roads, managing the public right-of-way, compiling and interpreting speed and crash data, planning for future road and active transportation improvements, designing and managing construction projects, and responding to road wash-outs and related emergencies.

Garfield County Sheriff's Office

The mission of the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office is to protect and assist the people of Garfield County. Their dedicated law enforcement staff will maintain excellence in this endeavor and will continually improve their knowledge, skills, and abilities through personal development and training.

Cowlitz County Jail

The Cowlitz County Corrections Department is a criminal justice agency dedicated to providing and managing progressive correction services in an efficient, effective, and a socially responsible manner. Their goal is to provide cost effective services while maintaining safety for the community, staff, and offenders.

Columbia County Prosecuting Attorney's Office

The Columbia County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office represents the state, the county and the city of Dayton in criminal matters in Columbia County District and Superior Courts, Dayton Municipal Court, the state and federal courts of appeal and the Washington and U.S. Supreme Courts.  The County Prosecutor is responsible for prosecuting all felonies and misdemeanors in Columbia County, including those committed in Dayton and Starbuck.

Clark County The Victim Assistance Unit

Clark County The Victim Assistance Unit provides vital support and services to victims of crime in Clark County. Our advocates help crime victims work through the criminal justice system and ensure that they are are treated in accordance with Washington State Constitution and the Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights.