Low- and Medium-Speed Vehicles

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Everett-Bellingham WA

Overweight truck accidents occur increasingly often

Though semi tractor trailers are designed to carry heavy loads, they can be overloaded. When a truck carries more than it is supposed to, major, catastrophic wrecks can occur. These wrecks, as they tend to happen on interstate highways at high speeds, can happen on any road. It’s a sad fact that many trucks are overloaded typically, on any given day. Truckers and their companies are under pressure to maximize each trip, and sometimes this means trucks are loaded too heavy, or too quickly so they are not properly balanced. If you or a loved one were hit by a commercial truck, it would be hard to tell if overweight or improper loading contributed to the wreck, or increased its severity unless you know what to look for. If this is a factor in your accident, then someone you love, or yourself, was hurt from negligent behavior. Were you hit by an overloaded truck? Learn more.

Everett-Bellingham WA

Recreational vehicles create dangerous conditions on Whatcom County roads

The infamous RV, on American highways at all times of the year, is especially present during the warm summer months. Never more obviously than when you’re stuck behind one. Packed with families and those accoutrements that just can’t be left behind, motor homes hit the road and take up much of it. Not only are they a big investment for those who own them – they are also a large obstacle for many motorists who share the road. The extra care and caution it takes to navigate around these vehicles can be like passing a semi. Particularly on windy roads or hills that keep the RV from maintaining the flow of traffic, it can be a stressful moment to many drivers on Bellingham and Whatcom County roads. Click to learn more about car accidents with an RV in Whatcom County.