Mach Kuel, 39, killed in car crash on Interstate 35 in Faribault on May 25.

Modified Date: 
Sun, 02/19/2023 - 6:20am
Accident Date: 
Saturday, May 24, 2014

1 Killed In 3-Car Crash on I-35 In Faribault

Mach Kuel, 39, of Coon Rapids died Sunday after the car he was traveling in hit one vehicle and side-swiped another.

One person is dead after a car hit two vehicles on Interstate 35 in Fairbault, Minn. Sunday night. Mach Kuel, 39, of Coon Rapids died Sunday after the car he was traveling in hit one vehicle and side-swiped another.



Type: Car Accident
People Involved: 
Mach Kuel
Jeana Welton
James Tang
Interstate 35


my axal broke and my tire flew off there was no cars around me i merged off to left of road as far as i could i was almost tottally off high way then i called police right  away i  was on phone with 911 at least half hour i was trying to keep people from hitting my truck then a couple pulled up and parked next to me with lights on so people could see there was a problem but there was just enough of a hill that if you wernt paying attention you could hit us and thats what happened i felt so bad and was in shock still on line with 911they took so long  i had controll of my truck the best i could with broke axsel and no tire to exit highway it was an accident and im sorry for family who lost someone i wish the man had his seat belt on i feel im might have been ok i tried to get  the police to hurry i lost my truck i cant get my CDL over this i have been stuck since this happened i got no tickets either my life is all bad because i cant do my life long job of being a truck driver ive been so lost it was no ones fault just an accident i dont know how some insurance company can make it so i cant get copy of my drivers licence or my CDL iam a good driver and it pretty much ended my life also i struggle through life and  i didnt know i had any court i found out when i went to school and i was takeing my test and they wouldnt let me because of this judgement that an insurance company has aggianst me its changed my whole life i have no money  sorry this happened it was a accident all i ever wanted was to be a truck driver and im 60 now i dont know what to say but it pretty much ruined my whole life also

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