New York, NY Car Accident Lawyer

New York car accidents cause more injury, death, and economic loss than any other crime or civic issue

Motor vehicle accidents are a common occurrence in New York. Many crashes are completely avoidable, caused by drunk drivers or distracted drivers. Whatever the cause, car accidents are a major safety and economic issue for the New York community.

Get information on car crashes from the Police Departments in the New York region

The New York Police Department offers information on accidents, and also provides information on filing a police report and on obtaining a police report.

The New York Department of Motor Vehicles provides information on traffic and safety laws.

These departments are a good resource to get information after a car crash.

When someone is injured in a New York car crash, what needs to happen next?

In an injury accident, it is crucial to get appropriate medical treatment, regardless of the financial cost.

The major hospitals in the area include:

As soon as possible, an injured person should contact their insurance company to find out medical treatment is covered under their insurance policy.

Personal injury lawyers offer a no-cost claim evaluation to help you.

Since there is no cost to speak with a lawyer, it is a good idea to learn more about your potential claim. Accident Data Center can help you by connecting you with our network of experienced injury lawyers who can provide you with information about your rights and options. Learn more here about the value of a no-cost legal claim evaluation.


Saw two cars traveling very fast at 9:20pm on SSP and the second car lost control and crashed into the woods. The first car was a 2005 silver with tinted windows Infinity g35 coup folled by a 2000 dark colored Honda Accourd sedan at a high speed then hit the curb in the left lane then lost control. I was unable to pull over do to the traffic. I think the accedent was in the town of Massapequa.

I was wondering if anybody knows if the driver on the honda is ok?


The accident I saw that sounds exactly like what you're saying you saw but I saw it last nite. We were driving on Grand Central Parkway going WEST toward Manhattan. Around 9:30pm, the white sports car passed us speeding really fast zig-zagging in & out of cars and then 30 seconds later, came a black car came flying by the same way. About a quarter of a mile down, (as we are discussing how they were driving like they were in a video game,) we drove over fragments and then saw the black car up on a triangular patch of grass in front of La Guardia Airport. The black Honda was on it's side smashed up smoking and a taxi who looked like it got hit was on the grass too. Hoping all were okay, especially the innocent bystanders in the taxi. I didn't see the actual crash but my 8 year old daughter saw them drag racing by our car and was scared!!! 



A woman drove into a parked vehicle. Her dog was killed and she was injured on her face. She was extremely upset and it was very sad. The parked car was a New York City service car. The driver was not injured. I believe her airbags are what killed the dog. I hope she is ok. I feel horrible for her. If anyone know is she is ok, please let me know on this site.

The ticket may be for lending his car to someone with an expired license. The owner of the car is legally responsible for checking that anyone they lend the car to has a valid, current license.That said, I don’t think I know anybody who has ever asked to check my license before lending me their car. Get the contacts of a good lawyer that can solve the all car accident problems.

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