Seattle motorcyclist's lawyers win their case against a truck driver who pulled out in front of him at an intersection, resulting in a crash that caused him serious injuries

Accident Type: 
Motorcycle Accident
Incident Date: 
Sunday, July 1, 1990
Result Date: 
Saturday, February 1, 1992
Monetary Result: 
  Mr. Cantu was riding his motorcycle in July of 1990 in Seattle, Washington when he struck a truck, operated by Mr. Dick, broadsiding the vehicle. Cantu suffered serious injuries in the accident, including a fracture of the right radius, a fracture to the left arm, a concussion, lacerations to his chest and stomach, and bruises to his spleen and liver. Mr. Cantu decided to sue Mr. Dick for personal injury. He and his lawyers argued that Mr. Dick negligently pulled out in front of him at an intersection. In the end, the jury sided with Mr. Cantu, awarding him $726,000. He was found 7.5% negligent, however, and this total amount was reduced.

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